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SW Walking Map:
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? indicates something that needs checking
3 Numbers in orange indicate questions.
1.  The Arranmore development has a system of paved trails.
2.  There is a paved trail leading from Oregon Episcopal School to their athletic facilities, which are on a road from Oleson Rd, near Hideaway Park.
3.  The road from the Hunt Club area does not extend to Aloma Way.  There's a chain link fence and dense foliage separating the two developments .
A few of the Arranmore paths are shown; there are more.  (Originally, there were paved trails leading from the two streets in the SW corner of the development and passing through the fence into OES.  Gates were emplaced, and these gates are now usually locked.)

There's a gate on the OES path at the south endge of the campus.  It's usually closed and locked except during school hours.  Note the road and parking lot from Oleson Rd.

1.  The one-way street from Oleson to the parking for Hideaway Park is missing.

2.  The trails (they are mostly paved) in Hideaway Park are missing.  (The one up to 68th is a new set of steps.)  68th does not go into the park and there is no turn to the east there.

What's actually here is far from clear from reading the map.  There is no route for vehicles because of a locked gate.  Pedestrians enter private property going south through the gate.
All the routes from the end of 60th to Multnomah Blvd are paved streets.  This is a convalescent home and care center.
I think this, if it's there, is a private driveway off the north end of SW 78th.  Needs checking.

The red arrow points to a narrow gap in the fence which gives pedestrian access to the Fanno Creek Trail from the housing.

Important features of Garden Home Park are missing: trails and the water fountain.
This map is from previous corrections.  There are more trails leading to the north and west.
The trails are missing.
A path crosses the old electric RR route here.  It's an important pedestrian connector between Florence and Spring Garden Rd.
The trail that climbs in and out of the RR cut is a bit steep.
This accurately depicts what's there.
Marked connections have trails.
There is no extension of Southview here.
Lesser Park is only the southwest corner of the green area.  I believe that most of the rest is PCC.

There are several trails in Lesser Park.

The other trail shown is is an old road.

The path from Lesser Rd is paved (possibly on private property).

There's a short connector path here