January 15, 2007
Errors and suspect things found in a systematic search
taken from Nov 2006 and the new draft map.

We'll try to arrange these for better clarity.

The Tryon Park items seem at least marginally OK  (The road into the park and the Trillium Trail are a bit cartoonish and don't much show the shapes of the actual roads and trails
N-16  Tryon Park  The connecting trail from the equestrian trail (a little north of the residence building) to the bike path is missing.  (See ODOT Parks map.)

N-16  Tryon Park The road complex into the headquarters (with it's parking complex) should be shown.  Most visits to the park center on this area: With these features missing from the map, it's hard for a map user to get oriented.

N-17 Tryon Park   The paved complex of trails just SE of the Nature House is missing (Ruth Pennington Trail--no relation)  .(See ODOT Parks map.)

O-18 Tryon Park   Northgate seems ways too long. CHECK

M/N-17 Tryon Park  Major trail missing: from Englewood--at park entrance--to Iron Mtn/Red Fox trails.   (See ODOT Parks map.)

O-16  Avetine Circus & Buddington: there are two streets extending to the east of Avetine Circus here.   See #5 at bottom of this page.  There's still a problem here.

K/L-17 Several new streets are being constructed along Boones Fy Rd between Stephenson and Monroe Pkwy.  CHECK There's still a problem here because the construction is marching on.

N/O-15/16  North of Huddleston & Comus: most of these streets are in Lewis & Clark College.  However, only a few of the college streets are shown.  It's very confusing to try to follow the map here.  Some indication of the college boundaries would help a little.  More of the college streets would help more, as would a major building or two--Templeton Center for starters.

N-14  The new roundabout at Palater & Terwilliger should be shown.  (Has Palater retained it's name in this block, or is it now Palatine Hill Rd?).CHECK: It's Palater DONE.

N-12  Showing all the paved roads in Riverview Cemetery would help a lot.  (I've been meaning to add the other roads on my website map but haven't gotten to it.)

N-12 At 5th & Lobelia there has been no trail east down to Boones Fy Rd.  Has one been built here? There is now a demand trail which follows some tire ruts at the bottom and a private driveway at the top.

M-9  Himes Park  The trail parallel to and below Terwilliger Bike Path is incorrectly shown at its north end.  There's still a problem here.  The trail is shown connecting with the trail up from Iowa St, but it does not--it returns to Terwilliger about half way to the point the lower trail connects with Terwilliger

O-11  Trail shown south of Butterfly Park is a street where it goes up to Macadam.  Perhaps a "minor" point.

O-10  Trail north of Butterfly Park is a street for a considerable distance (Miles Pl.)  Miles St does not extend east of Miles Pl (?).DONE

N/O-5/6  Check streets and paths in new construction area east of Moody from Bancroft north.  This is near the lower end of the aerial tram.  Things changing fast here

M-6  Bancroft at Homestead:  Many errors.  [Homestead is missing.  FIXED.]   Streets that used to go around the point are paratially there, but shown incorrectly on map. Lowell Ln is missing, e.g.. Link to previous treatment of this area.

Note the area tinted in red.
When you drive down Homestead you are facing Lowell when you stop at the stop sign for Terwilliger--but it's further north than is shown here.  To get to the Condor/Bancroft intersection, you must turn right (south) onto Terwilliger, go many yards then turn left on the short stub of a street.  This map show that you can then turn north into a couple of streets.  NO!: you can only turn right (south).  That takes you down the hill to Bancroft.  Many thousands of cars travel this route daily because it is the main route for OSHU staff.

N/O-3  There are streets shown in the condos near Harbor and Harrison.  I recall most of those as private, gated and locked. CHECK  &  LINK

Q-12/13  South of Sellwood Riverfront Park a trail is shown to Linn along the river bank.  I don't recall any such trail that extends so far south  CHECK: This part of the map has many errors.  Except for a short piece at the north end, the trail does not exist.  Umatilla west of 6th makes a sharp right turn and becomes a private road into apartments/condos.  Harney, Sharrett and Marion similarly become private roads,  The "street" shown extending south parallel to Springwater Corridor is the railroad from which Springwater Corridor was converted.

The trail (red arrow) when south of about Tenino would pass through many exclusive housing developments and private clubs.  There may be pieces of such a trail, but we couldn't find any of it connecting with Marion or Linn.  The yellow "street" at an angle to the rest is actually the railroad track (being develooped as rails-to-trails): In some places it has a dirt road paralleling it, and other places it does not.   The three oval tinted areas each depict a road the map shows going straight over a cliff and down to the water front.  Actually each is a private road veering to the north and into various private developments.

Q-6  The truck routes from Ross Island Sand & Gravel buildings (near Boise St) down to the path at the bottom are shown as trail.  Is that correct??  CHECK

L-2 13th & Upper College.  Confused and confusing because of the two-level nature of Upper College, and the stairs shown as curved.  Seems OK now.

J-1  In Washington Park, "Carter St" is shown near the old archery area.  Is this still there?  CHECK  [I wrote this note for the previous map:  I/J-1  "Carter" ?? Is this a gated park service-road near the old archery range?] Perhaps a "minor" point.

K/L-4 Marquam Nature Park  Connors Trail: There are no stairs at the east end of the trail where it intersects the gulch trail, CORRECTEDbut the trail is now shown as just stoping at the top of the ridge. SEE HERE

K-4 Marquam Nature Park The gulch trail incorrectly shows two intersections with trails to the right as we hike upstream: first the Goldie Corridor Trail, then the upper 40-mile Trail extension up to Marquam Hill Rd.  There is only one intersection.  We take the trail to the right to take either Goldie Corridor or the upper 40-mile trail.  CORRECTED  See this map.

J/K-3/4  Edgewood Rd:  It doesn't extend as far as is shown, CORRECTED  However, the alley-like street still isn't shown and a new set of stairs has appeared: they appear to possible drop down to the Broadway Trail below (they don't).   Do they go to the alley-like street (behind Roger David's home)?   See this map.

J-3  Talbot Property.  The path from Talbot to Broadway Dr (at the water fountain) isn't shown.  NOT FIXED.

J-4  Arden Road a little too long.  There's an Arden Rd ROW all the way to Talbot, but the Talbot end has never been developed. See this map.

K-8/9  Pendleton at 21st.  The street and trail which extends 21st north to Kanan from Dewitt was bent from it true route so as to intersect with Pendleton.  It does not intersect with Pendleton, and it does not have that sharp bend at Dewitt.

Note that Pendleton does not intersect with 21st
J-8  The Hillsdale Park boundaries as shown confuse park, school property and probably some church property, too.   Perhaps a "minor" point.

J-9  Trail shown from Nebraska to Vermont on 25th ROW.  Has this route really been developed as a path.  Walking it used to feel like a trek through peoples' yards with the possibility of getting confronted by an angry owner. 
Perhaps a "minor" point.

K-13  Trail shown between 15th and 17th at Marigold (near the big water tank).  The map doesn't seem correct, but I'll have to CHECK IT:  The map is more or less correct, but the "trail" is more a semi-obvious route largely on grassy slopes.

I-13  Marigold west of 21st.  As above, it doesn't seem correct--too long and has a hook at the west end: CHECK IT: Much correction needed here.  The 'hook" is a private street section of Marigold surrounded by new housing.  However, there is another "hook" to the south: Quilnalt Ct, a short new street that ends in a paved path which has a short section south then a right-angle turn to the east (left) and ends on 23rd Dr.  A path used to exist from the north end of 23rd Dr over to Primrose to the east.  A bridge was located over the gulch, but one of the neighbors like to remove it occasionally.  Others in the neighborhood would like to see this raoute restored: it would serve a lot of walkers.

1. is a trail that has been added to the map: it doesn't exist.  2. is a loop that has been added to the map: it might look a little like a loop if looked at quickly, but it's not a loop, just a wall in someone's front yard. 3. is the location of Quinalt Ct and the trail to the south described above.

K-14 Marshall Park  Trails are inadequately shown.  Two major trails are missing (the upper route on the west which connects via a path to Maplecrest and the trail on the north which goes from near the end of 12th up to the orchard area north of the park and then back to the trail that comes out on 18th Pl.  Here are the Marshall Park trails:

(From one of our weekly walk descriptions.)

K-12  St Clair School is shown on Dolph or Freeman.  It's actually on Spring Garden.  Perhaps a "minor" point.

I/J-0  New trails around the Washington Park reservoirs have recently been opened to the public.  Some of this might be on the map.  Perhaps a "minor" point.

I/J-0 The Japanese Gardens is mostly off the north edge of the map.  Perhaps a "minor" point.

I-4  On the map, the stairs from Montgomery to Talbot seem to be from Montgomery to Greenway.  This seems to me to be too confusing as is not to correct.

N-7  What is the route of Trail 1 through Albert Kelly Park?

I-9  Idaho at 32nd has been reopened to cars.  CORRECTED

H-9  36th does not extend north of Iowa.  (A short extension is incorrectly shown on the map.)  Too "minor"?

I-9  There are not enough streets shown east of 30th between Vermont and Bertha.  CHECK: Illinois extends east of 30th (not on map).CORRECTED

H-11  Multnomah Art Center  Stairs at SW corner are not shown.  MINOR?

H-11  Capitol Highway at Multnomah: stairs from bridge missing.  The natureof this bridge separated intersection should be somehow indicated.

I-12  At 30th and Dolph a bit of street appears to have been vacated.  It's next to the firestation.  Perhaps it will be returned to public use?

I-14  The trail into Quail Post at 30th comes off of a short extension of 30th south of 29th Pl.  See map for Marshall Park

J-15  Maracara Park:  Many trails missing.

H-17  Vacuna between 37th and 39th.  Not corrected. See "G-16" here (Look at the picture "#28", linked from here, too.) 
There is a break in this street, and that break is much closer to 39th than to 37th.  The break is very short: on the map it should appear as a very small piece of dotted green.  Pedestrians pass through a hedge here, and vehicles don't pass at all.

G-17    Nansen Summit:  Trails to summit missing.  Presumably "minor"?

G-2  CHECK roads south of Highland Rd between Barrow and Windham.  Private Roads??.CHECK

D/E-16/17  Lesser Park.  What is park?  What is school?  What is neither?

D/E-18  56th Ct south to Lesser at Lesser is a trail, not a street.  DONE

B-3  Slyvan Ct at Pointer is blocked to vehicles. THIS PROBABLY SHOULD BE FIXED.

A-6  Laurel at Laurelwood: A transit parking center and has pedestrian access to Laurelwood from Laurel.CHECK:  The only thing separating Laurel from Laurelwood and the transit parking lot is a low chain-link fence.  There is a break in the fence for pedestrians on the south side of Laurel.  This is a major park & ride lot and should probably indicate the pedestrian access through the fence.

A-7  The access from Maple to Laurelwood is often deliberately made difficult for pedestrians by the local residents.  CHECK:  A formidable fence has been constructed here making pedestrian travel virtually impossible.  It looks illegal but might not be because Laurelwood has heavy traffic and is rather poor for pedestrian traffic.  Probably important enough to be fixed:  The residents have gone to a lot of trouble to block pedestrian traffic through here

A-8  Raleigh Hills School is on Schools Ferry Rd, not Laurelwood.  Perhaps a "minor" point.

A/B/7  Raleigh Hills Rec Center:   Garden Home Rec Center.  There's no path east of Oleson.  That path which was shown was the old electric rail route: it is now filled in and replaced by a sidewalk in an apartment complex.

D-10  60th south of Canby encounters a locked gate on the way up to the convalescent center.  Pedestrans can pass; vehicles can't.  Showing the gate here better depicts what people will encounter

B/C-15  Locust at 69th:  There are several pedestrian routes in this area of new construction.  Somewhat minor, and changing all the time

January 16, 2007
field checking stopped by snow (pretty snow, though)

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