Robert Gray Middle School
takes part in
National Walk to School Day
October 2, 2002

Walk to School Day
  • Raise awareness to promote active healthy lifestyles for our students
  • Build a sense of safe, healthy neighborhood and community
  • Create safe driver awareness of children walking
  • Make the connection between health and pedestrian-friendly infrastructure
  • Help set the stage for further work with opinion leaders/elected officials

  • Walking to school with parents and members of the community is safe and healthy.
  • Physical activity is important, one in six Oregon students is overweight or at risk of becoming overweight due to not getting enough physical activity.

see "The Healing Power of Exercise."
  • Everyone needs to be aware of pedestrians.  Pedestrian injury is a major hazard.

  • Parents can make it safe by walking with their children, knowing safe routes, and incorportating reflective material into clothing, footware and accessories.
  • Walking busses are a safe route to school.
  • Seniors can help.
  • Kids need pedestrian-friendly communities all year long.

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