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At the end of July, a new Walking Map of Southwest Portland... 

...was released by Portland Office of Transportation and the SWTrails Committee of Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc. 
Almost two years of work went into making a map that will be especially useful for walkers and runners,

The map shows stairs, paths, traffic signals, drinking fountains, restrooms, mail boxes, transit routes and their stops, shopping areas, schools, and libraries.  It even identifies streets and intersections that often give pedestrians difficulties.

Neighborhood Emergency Teams will find that the SW Walking Map gives them something not available in the past — a map that shows only the streets that are actually there and shows all the streets that are there.  What’s more, it shows the many shortcuts that allow routes to a person on foot that are denied to motor vehicles.
[Rachael Jacky]
"...helping folks know...if they have natural gas in their home, if it's time to shut that off...

...If somebody desparately needs to get hold of Police and Fire, and telephones aren't working -- there's no way to communicate with 911, which we know will likely happen after a major earthquake -- will I know how to help my neighbors do that sort of thing?

   And the answer could be "Yes," if I've been trained by Portland Fire and Rescue to be on a Neighborhood Emergency Team."

"Great map!"
Runners, too, will find that the SW Walking map shows routes and loops they had never noticed.  The map includes the many new stairs and cut-through routes recently constructed by volunteers from the SWTrails Committee.
STILL PHOTO...quick dissolve into...
Portland has a growing Block Captain 
STILL PHOTO...quick dissolve into...
and Neighborhood Watch program.  Thousands 
STILL PHOTO...quick dissolve into...
of eyes and ears, alert 
STILL out into...
for public safety.  Thousands of alert citizens who need to know where the streets
STILL out into...
 and foot routes really are. 
STILL into black
All the routes.
Fade to black.
For further information about the new map, contact the office of Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc at the Multnomah Art Center . . . or surf the Web to Explore Portland at and follow the link to SW Urban Trails.
STILL PHOTO...cut to...
Da Vinci Days  2002

A celebration of the arts 

STILL PHOTO...dissolve into...
and science at Corvallis, Oregon.  The year 2002 theme was Magic Music and Motion, 
STILL PHOTO...dissolve into...
Still photo, becoming moving picture
and Oregonians for Rationality brought both Magic and Motion
rotating mirrors
to the Children’s Pavilion in City Park.

Pan  over many puzzles...
Magic is skillful deception that delightfully entertains… and puzzles at Da Vinci Days led to delights and deceptions, to  enlightenment and deviousness. 

video of Keturah working puzzle
Here is a puzzle that ends up being a cube.  There are many ways to make a cube.  But it's best to first stop…

…and think a bit about it.  It's a lot like the puzzles science tries  to solve.  If we just plunge in without thinking we follow a familiar route that often leads to pseudoscience.


When we think first…and see a little bit of arithmetic about the pieces…

It's easy.  It's simple.  It's science, not pseudoscience.
It works.

video of Keturah working puzzle

One of the puzzles also demonstrates deception.  It's a pretty easy puzzle…a lot like the old Soma cube that was popular a few decades ago.

But this puzzle is not quite what it seems.  It's actually 12 different puzzles.  Those other six pieces in the other box are a second puzzle just like the first…but a mirror image of the first.


Switch a pair of pieces and it's a new puzzle.  One of the 12 has no solution.

The Da Vinci Days puzzles demonstrate the magic of the mind that lies in mathematics—even very simple mathematics.  And they demonstrate many points about  deception — self and otherwise — and many points that distinguish science from pseudoscience.

Be the magician.
Foil the hucksters...and
Learn some good tricks of your own.

See the puzzles—and much more—at  Go to Explore the Physicists Domain, and then follow the “Magic of the Mind” link. 

Here you can find some new ways of looking that let you see how science  helps people make thing happen the ways they want.
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Camera        Keturah Pennington
                      Phil Pennington
Still photos   Stephanie Reynolds
                      Phil Pennington
Producer      Phil Pennington

People to contact:

Portland Office of Transportation: Linda Ginenthal
SWTrails: Don Baack
Neighborhood Emergency Teams: Rachael Jacky
Block Captains: Marcia Dennis
SWNI: Sylvia Bogert

Made  in the facilities of Portland Cable Access,  Portland, OR

The tape was submitted for broadcast on Portland Cable Access, May 24, 2003.

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Mon June 23, 11:35am, Ch 11 (tech diff--only 1 min shown)
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