x marks the Hillsdale NET staging area
behind the bleachers at Wilson High School
Please be on time because we will carpool to the emergency.
Splinting, bandaging, carrying Practice: Saturday, May 7, 2005
Triage Practice Session: Wednesday, September 11, 2004
Shoring Practice Session:  Sunday, April 18, 2004
Splinting Practice:  Saturday January 31, 2004
Triage Practice Session:  Sunday, October 19, 2003
Last Practice Session
Splinting and bandaging practice:
Station 5 (across from the Hillsdale Library)
9am to noon
Saturday, May 7, 2005

Rain or shine

Let's just do it!

Get to know your team members better, also your neighbors and your neighborhood.

We have found that an occasional walk through the neighborhood is both enjoyable and instructive (not to mention healthy!).  We meet people, do a little recruiting of new NET team members, discover where those trails, foot paths, and stairs are located, and catch up on some gossip.  (Note the connecting foot routes in green on the above map.)

The occasional potluck has been suggested to get all the Southwest NET's together.

Help correct the maps.

This map, typical of street maps of Portland, would never do for emergency response.  The streets shown in red don't exist, never did, and most never could because they are in steep-walled canyons.  (The picture on the left is on Sherwood Pl. just to the left of the "W" in "CLEMWELL.")

For Southwest Portland we have posted maps with far, far fewer errors.  SEE THEM.  Please check these maps and tell us what errors (including things missing) you find so that we can correct them.  Look also at the SW Walking map, printed on waterproof paper and loaded with useful information for walkers and NET teams:  LOOK.  Error-correction pages for this map are HERE.

Encourage similar map-correction efforts for all of the Portland area, by and for all of the city's NET teams.  (A Downtown/Northwest Walking Map is being prepared, hopefully out by the end of the year.)

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