Lake Oswego quadrangleMap B1

These are the hills of Woods Creek (to the north) and Ash Creek (to the south).  The old electric railroad bed was cut through these hills, and high trestle bridges connected the track over such gulleys as was Woods Creek.  Today that route is Multnomah Blvd, and the trestles have been replaced with high land fills.  Multnomah Blvd was fitted with bike/pedestrian paths on both sides, and so this is the one truly level route in these hills.  The parallel, Garden Home Rd, on the other hand, dips and climbs as it connects Garden Home with Multnomah Village.

The hills of the two branches of Ash Creek are generally steeper and higher.  Running between the branches, and on a relatively flat ridge extending east to west, is Taylors Ferry Road in the part of town known as West Portland.

The lower right corner (SE) of the map is the Marquam School neighborhood, drained on the easy by upper Tryon Creek (via the fields of Jackson Middle School) and Arnold Creek.  Interstate 5 cuts across this corner and presents a barrier to pedestrians and bikers.  Crossings are possible  only at Pacific Highway and at Barbur/Capitol Highway.

Outstanding connector trails include:

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Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District parks include Watch for interesting map errors that appear on most maps: