Lake Oswego quadrangle Map A1

The northern part is drained by Fanno Creek; the southern part by Fanno Creek's tributary, Vermont Creek.  The junction of Fanno Creek and Vermont Creek is in a little-known park (Scholls Park) that surprises even many of its neighbors because few know it's there.  (It's actually the old route of Scholls Ferry Rd before some sharp curves were straightened out.)  This neighborhood has many old homes on large estates tucked back off the main streets.  It also has Alpenrose Dairy, one of the most public-spirited businesses in Portland  (in the U.S., for that matter).  You probably know of some of the events there: little-league baseball, bicycling on the velodrome, craft fairs,...  Keep an eye on Alpenrose; you'll find fascinating surprises.

To the north, the land is more mountainous and tops out at almost 1000 feet elevation along the Council Crest - Sylvan ridge, which is the watershed divide between the Tualatin River and the little streams that flow into the Willamette in Northwest Portland.  To the south the land is more rolling hills, but seldom flat.  The Multomah-Washington County line runs north and south near the left edge of this map.  Note that there are several little pieces of the City of Portland within Washington County where the city limit protrudes to the west here and there.

In this map segment, the route of the old Oregon Electric Railroad runs from near 70th Ave (and Montclair Dr) on the west to 42nd Ave (near Fairvale Ct) on the east.  Much of its route is still recognizable, but sometimes you must take a good look and then puzzle a bit over what you are seeing.  West of 70th Ave, it's a flat bench in the backs of some yards.  It crosses Fanno Creek near the old abandoned section of Scholls Ferry Road.  Here, you might find some of the old timbers of the bridge over Fanno Creek.  The route is completely obliterated through the Dover Street development and is not clear in the dairy area.  (It's Pendleton Ct, just north of the dairy, to Shattuck Rd.)  East of Shattuck Rd it is more or less visible, but often heavily overgrown.  It passes along the north side of Pendleton Park and Hayhurst School and becomes Farivale Ct.  (Near Martha St, the route is actually just south of Fairvale Ct.)

"Kamikaze Corner," the intersection of Beaverton-Hillsdale Hgy, Oleson Rd, Scholls Ferry Rd, and Dogwood Ave is undergoing a big design change.  Watch for rerouting of Beaverton-Hillsdale Hgy to the south of its present alignment, and a little less entanglement of traffic through the area.  Also watch for better pedestrian routes.

Outstanding connector trails include:

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