List of map errors and likely problems.

1.  Gated community of Catlin Crest.  The streets are closed to walkers.
2.  Main St between 57th and 59th missing.
3.  West end of Mill missing: also connection to Clay via 60th and Clay missing.
4.  Taylor Ct missing.  Also 58th from Taylor Ct.
5.  Hewett at Humphrey is mislabelled "58th."
6.  Pedestrian connection from end of Hewitt to Skyline missing.
7.  "Grant St." missing at Humphrey
8.  Wyndham does not intersect with Fairview.
9.  Many stairs missing in the Vista - Montgomery area.  (Some are public.)
11.  St Thomas More is located incorrectly.
12.  A piece of Pointer has been axed by ODOT.  It's no longer there.
13.  40-mile trail is incorrectly shown at Hy 26  (Several other places, too, but this one will cause problems.)
14.  Renee stairs missing/   CLICK HERE
15.  Important school route at Ridgewood and Northshire not shown.
16.  Dogwood to Sharon is an important pedestrian route: map indicates they don't come very close.
17.  SW 73rd is incorrectly shown as going a bit south of Sharon
18.  The map indicates that 58th Drive is accessible by auto from Windsor/Thomas; should show the path.
19.  The map incorrectly shows switchbacks on the traversing section of the 40-mile trail above the nature center.
20.  The south end of Council Crest Dr is incorrectly labelled "19th."
21.  A streets is shown through the KGON tower (Awful Tower) property where there is actually a trail.
22.  Lee east of 42nd is mostly paved street rather than all trail as shown. (New trail is now cleared here.)
23.  The Admiril Ct trail is incorectly shown as a street. CLICK HERE
24.  The trails in Himes Park join above the stairs, not below as shown.
25.  The break in 62nd Dr at the county line is not shown. CLICK HERE
26.  The large break (primitive trail here) in 74th south of Barbara is not shown (street is shown).  CLICK HERE
27.  SW 77th north of Spruce is incorrectly shown as a street.  It isn't even a good pedestrian route.  CLICK HERE
28.  The break in Vacuna between 37th and 39th is halfway between those streets, not at the 37th end as shown.
        CLICK HERE
29.  The barricade in 27th a little west of Lancaster not shown. CLICK HERE
30.  Mary Failing is shown with no street connections to it.  Pieces are missing at both ends.  CLICK HERE
31.  There should be a piece of trail shown at the south end of Corbett Hill.  CLICK HERE
32.  Llewellyn School is incorrectly shown in Oaks Bottom.
33.  Hamilton Ct east of Scholls Ferry Rd is missing.  CLICK HERE
34.  The inaccessible section of Slavin road is shown as a usable street.
35.  St John Fischer is shown were St Luke's is located.
36.  The street south of Idaho Terr is missing,
37.  The trail section of 48th north of Iowa is missing. CLICK HERE
38.  The street that drops down to Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy from Martha and 49th isn't shown.
39.  Martha at the same place is shown at right angles to its actual orientation.
40.  Terri Ct path south of Vermont is incorrectly shown as a street.  CLICK HERE
41.  The Greenway path as it rounds the big red building at its north end is incorrectly shown as being a street.
42.  Only one of the two sets of stairs (both sides of Front) is shown going from Front to the ped tunnel below.
43.  The streets around Eagle Point (Lowell and Terwilliger) are still shown with many errors.
45.  The Exercise trail from Hamilton up to Terwilliger is missing.
46.  The street going southwest from 35th and Stephenson is "Walking Woods," not "Woods."  CLICK HERE
47.  The street shown as "Condolea" is an alleyway behind the condos.  There's a whole grid of Condolea's.  CLICK HERE
48.  The southern end of Abelard is a fenced and locked RV storage area  .CLICK HERE
49.  Peters Road does not extend north to Aquinas: it now ends a few yards north of Vermeer.  CLICK HERE
50.  Riverdale and Radcliffe are still not named correctly.
51.  Daphne doesn't go very far south of Radcliffe (called "Rivedale." on the map)  CLICK HERE
52.  Maus is apparently is public; it just looks like a private street (in many ways).  CLICK HERE
53.  Buddington is a named street, but a street just to the north has many more houses on it, and it's not shown.
54.  There is a formal entrance to the PCC campus, north side, at 53rd.  CLICK HERE

ADDED June 17
55.  The 40-mile trail at Marquam Hill Rd has a 400-ft jog which requires walking on the street.

see: previous corrections THIRD ROW OF MAPS
It is the part in black: I didn't correct the original here.

Riverdale, Radcliffe, and Hedlund intersect
in a rose bush.

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SW 74th does not connect
Barbara to Landau.
SW 77th does not connect
Spruce to Pine.