SWTrails Group
a committee of Southwest Neighborhoods Inc
Portland, Oregon

Volunteer Trail Work Schedule
Tom Potter, Karin Hanson, Don Baack, Howard Weiner, & Steve Randkin
Dickinson Park Construction 9/04.  Dickinson Volunteers Tom Potter, Karin Hansen, Don Baack, Howard Weiner and Steve Fradkin working on Dickinson Woods Trail - Photo by Lee Buhler.
Volunteer Trail Work Done SW Portland
1420-foot Trail  in just 15 days!
Trail Surfacing Project  A community effort
Safe Routes to School  A plan of action
Bike/Walk route–Bertha to Oleson 
The snow storm of 2004 — pictures
Ditch Standards
Click on the 'Trail Surfac...' link to the left to read the sign.

The NEW UPDATED Walking Map of SW Portland
is now available FOR FREE.
Get copies from:

the SWNI office in Multnomah Art Center
7688 SW Capitol Hwy

The old map was available from these places:
Annie Bloom's Books
7834 SW Capitol Hwy

2855 SW Patton Rd

Tryon Creek State Park
Nature Center

Walk/run for health
Audubon Society of Portland 
5151 NW Cornell Rd

Book Store

...and other distribution points as they acquire maps.

Mail orders accepted with $1 shipping & handling fee:
Southwest Neighborhoods, Inc.
7688 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, OR 97219

There is a new SW bike map to go on the back.

It's a topographic map!
and shows Portland's Heritage Trees

The original map may still be found here and there.

It is waterproof (the new one isn't).
It wasn't free.
It has many more errors than the new map has.

Southwest Urban Trails Plan.
Map of Trail 1 -- Helen Farrens Trail (105KB)
.Map of Trail 4 (222KB)

Certain dead-end streets have trails at their ends (or somewhere before the end) that give pedestrians a route unavailable for vehicular traffic.  These routes usually offer safer routes than the busy streets the pedestrian gets to bypass by taking them

A simple sign might be installed that calls attention to these safety routes.  Such as...

Some possible locations for signs:


SWTrail email information list

The SWTrail email list informs interested folks about the activities of the SWTrail Group including meetings, walks, work parties, and other items of interest to those who want a pedestrian friendly place to walk in SW Portland Oregon.  Expect to receive 2 to 3 messages a month.  A web site is 
associated with the messages where you can go to review past messages and activities.

June 30, 2004

Phil Hamilton is awarded 2004 SWTrails Volunteer Award
for his leadership, hard work and dedication to SWTrails.