Trail #4
Willamette River
(at SW Miles St)
Gabriel Park
(via Tr 7 @ SW 40th Ave.

Trail 4 at Taylors Ferry Road


Custer Steps at Fulton Park Blvd.

Southwest Urban Trails Plan

Trail #7
Trail #4
SWTrails Construction
(with pictures)
SWTrails Construction
 INDEX FOR SW MAPS Trail #3 and Trail #6 also cross this map.  They are not shown.  See Trails Plan map above for their location. A new trail with steps was constructed from Canby St near the I-5 offramp to Canby Street at 10th Ave.  A new trail with steps was constructed under the northbound I-5 on ramp at Terwilliger which connects with the piece of Canby St that dead-ends off of Brier Pl.  This trail, with the other Canby steps (at 10th) gives pedestrians a new walking route that avoids the heavy traffic of Terwilliger Blvd. "Custer steps" connects Taylors Ferry Rd to Kelly St with stairs and paved path.