.Trail #1
Helen Farrens Trail
Helen Farrens Trail
was held on
April 17, 2004

10 am
walk the trail from Ross Island Grocery
3338 SW Corbett
X            X

11:30 am
Ribbon Cutting
Gather outside the Mark Hatfield Bldg, (off Campus Drive)

Veterans' Hospital, Bldg 101, Room 201 (use the sky bridge)
Slide presentation, Pizza (from Slice of Heaven), cake,
and special raffle by REI of outdoor walking equipment
(Proceeds going to SW Trails group for construction and maintenance of trails)

1 pm
Continue trail walk
OHSU to Hillsdale
Suggested transportation via TriMet or carpool. TriMet has generously donated some day passes. Call SWNI. at 503-823-4592 to arrange to pick up a ticket, ask for directions or receive parking information, and trail maps.

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Trail on Campus drive
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