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Stereoscopic Photography
Southwest Community Center, Portland, Oregon
December 18, 1999

This demonstrates the "stereoscopic model."  Two pictures were taken about six feet apart.  The one in the center was taken from about six feet directly to the left of the other two (which are the same picture).  This is the equivalent of the view of a giant whose eyes are six feet apart.

But that is the equivalent of a person of normal size looking at a small model.  And that is exactly what this looks like when viewed stereoscopically.  Note the delicate, finely sculptured appearance of the fences, lamp posts, and vertical columns on the face of the building.

We can use the stereoscopic model to enhance ordinary human perception in fascinating and powerful ways.



Downtown Denver, Colorado, ca. 1948
As seen by a giant whose eyes are as far apart as the Capitol Building dome

Photogrammetry is a mapping technique that
gets information from stereoscopic photos.