Social Health

Neighborhood Associations Organized through Portland's Office of Neighborhood Involvement.   ONI
Neighborhood Emergency Teams A program in the Portland Fire Bureau to train citizens in emergency response, especially in response to a major earthquake.
Neighborhood Watches Organized through Office of Neighborhood Involvement and the Portland Police Bureau to promote quick response to emergencies and to criminal action in progress.
National Night Out An annual event to promote neighborhood watches.

Southwest Portland Trail System A system of trails and walking routes in SW Portland.  The Trails Group is now conducting organized walks in this area. (Phyllis Townes)

Accurate maps of streets & walkways

Explore Portland!
Walking (or running) is healthy.
It's a great way to discover the neighborhood,
to meet the neighbors,
to keep an eye on what's going on.
And it's fun.

Please help us make accurate maps of your neighborhood.  We will provide a map with streets, trails, stairs and demand paths—which we believe shows all that's there and nothing that isn't.  (Most street maps have an unreasonable percentage of errors.)  You then tell us what errors you find on the map, and we will correct them.

Healthy and unhealthy relationships
This link illustrates a common problem that is even worse on the Web.
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This page is derived from a
 "Healthy Talk" by Susan Butterworth, February 2001--Portland, OR
Corporate Wellness Services
is a program at 

Oregon Health Sciences Univ.

Susan Butterworth, dir

           "...I would convince each woman and each man that they are my favorites...

           "...I have learned that a man has the right to look down on another only when he has to help the other get to his feet."

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