missing essentials
ignoring the important
We are tempted...
because we can easily convince ourselves that our wondrous wishes are true if we simply ignore the evidence that they are not.  (We feed on PAP.) 

Think positive!

Accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative.
Ignore what you don't like
Imagine with real horsepower
Don't mess around with Mr Inbetween.
Live in your dream world.
Smoke Dreams  Dreams  Pipe Dreams
License to Kill
Solve all your problems!


We easily fall into the trap...
because dealing with more than a single thing at a time is much more difficult.
We need a lot of "fourth-level" abstractions to avoid The Singles.

The Singles
Herpes simpletonisus
A whole zoo of oversimplifications

Single purpose
Single parameter 
Single -minded
(Single person society)
Mono(single) chromatic vision
Single cause
Single effect    single-component measures
Oversimplify, and watch your odds of success go
down . . .down . . . down . . . down . . . down . . . down . . . down . . . 

Understand intelligence
beyond information and toward tensor


Putting people in their place
the wrong way

Human intelligence has many dimensions

that often gather dust in the attics of our minds
of mental software that can improve your odds.
Discover the "obvious yet unobserved."

How many really important things did we miss?

None?      A few?      Some?     Many?      Most?       All?

"Doctors recommend Maculatum Lab's new drug Conimacrad for your intractable indigestion."
The opinions of all the other doctors in the world.  Only the two doctors who work for Maculatum recommend that worthless and dangerous stuff.
Select the space after and below 'intractible indigestion.'
& click
Look out for the traps of propaganda and advertising.
They might be fatal.
Become media literate
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