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29 May 05
Portland -- at the end of the 19th Century

Building Useful Web Pages
With Minimal Effort...
with no knowledge of
Java, Java Script, MySQL, PHP, ASP, POP, CSS, W3C, COBOL, or Assembler...

but with
a little bit of knowledge of html.
(hypertext markup language)

That's the stuff in the file that makes
the stuff on the page go
where, and as, you want it to go.


Minimal requirements
for a minimal Web site

Page(s) to post

Construct your pages with software that does the html coding for you, but doesn't try to get fancy: a few fonts and font sizes, the colors, setting up links, and tables: that'll go a long way.
A host for your pages
Many, probably most, ISP's (Internet Service Providers) make a substantial amount of server space available for free for their ISP customers.
A URL to get the public to your page(s).
If you use the space provided by your ISP, your Web address will probably look something like this:
This URL (Universal Resource Locator) carries the name of your ISP (here, "fullserviceinternet") and your account name with them (here, "meandmywife").
This is not a "domain name" (like  A domain name is the next step up from the "Very Simple" level of Web presence.  You buy a domain name and pay a yearly registration fee for it.  Then, hosting companies make their money by setting up your hosting account with them so that clicking on links on the Internet takes a browser to the pages with your domain name.  It can all be very inexpensive:  domain name registration about $10/year and hosting for as little as about $4/month.  (And the prices keep coming down.)

For the simplest of Web sites, I've been putting pages on my hosted sites with URL's branching out from

For example:
SWTrails Web site:
City Wide Parks Team site:
Central Northeast Neighbors:

Once a Web site is started in the "Very Simple" mode it can be expanded to include its own domain name, it's own hosting, its own webmaster who does as much of the Web wonders as he or she wants to tackle...