General Meeting
September, 2002

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
September,  2002

Sept 4, 2002

The meeting was called to order by President Wes Risher. The agenda was approved. Minutes of the last meeting were approved. 

Jim Crawford of the Portland Fire Bureau explained to us what an Urban Wildfire Hazardous Area is, and what it means to homeowners. In urban areas where there is uncontrolled vegetation, such as along streams and in parks, in dry times the litter and duff can become a fire hazard. In Portlandís climate this doesnít happen every year, Our hazardous times are cyclical rather than annual. But we still need to be aware of the hazard and how to mitigate it.

In October City Council will be asked to adopt an ordinance to assist homeowners in identifying and mitigating risk in hazardous areas. The ordinance would suggest guidelines for creating and maintaining defensible space around homes. The only requirement would involve type of roofing, and only when a roof was replaced. Untreated wood shakes would be prohibited. Treated shakes would be allowed, as would most other types of roofing. 

Jim Marshall explained that there will be a complete package for home owners to help them choose what they need to do to protect their property. It would include information such as how to landscape, what roofing and siding is most defensible, why and how to screen gutters and attic/basement vents. Parks will be encouraged to do limbing up and other mitigating things in public parks. If possible there may be grants to help low income families take the necessary steps but so far that is not the case. The program would include education about careless smoking and other hazardous practices. 

Brad Zolkoski attended the last Dog Off Leash Area meeting and reported that Hillsdale Park is the number one choice for a trial OLA. The committeeís report will be submitted in about a month. It is generally agreed that at Gabriel Park, "the Geni is out of the bottle" and off leash dogs will never be entirely removed from the park. If Hillsdale Park becomes an official OLA, that will happen there, too. Jim Trumbo noted that the publicity Hillsdale Park has received so far has resulted in increased use. Brad, who is a professional analyst, saw several objections to the analysis of the OLA committee and ask that the Neighborhood Association oppose the report until these things have been discussed in the Hillsdale Neighborhood and suitable solutions have been developed. Wes was directed to draft such a letter, based on Bradís analysis. 

Ted Coonfield reported that Elliott and Associates has put a fence between Hillsdale Heights apartments to the west of the Hillsdale business center, and the parking lot ..This restricts pedestrian access to the Hillsdale shopping area from the west, and especially access to the Farmerís Market. Various attempts to resolve this have been unsuccessful so far. Bob Baldwin reminded us that the Town Center is designated a Pedestrian District and this is not in keeping with good pedestrian flow. Questions were raised: Why was the fence constructed? To keep folks from cutting through the apartments? Is the fence a barrier to Fire Bureau access? It was decided to send a letter expressing our concerns to Kingery.

Ted Coonfield reported the results of the Aug. 11 survey at the Farmerís Market. The Farmers Market is well attended by a variety of people, many of whom also attend other markets, but most of whom live within 5 miles of Hillsdale. 

The Farmerís market needs to become tax exempt. The easiest way to do this is to become an adjunct to the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association. 

Multnomah is considering having a Thursday Farmerís Market. 

Bob Baldwin and Richard Garfinkle presented the proposed design of signs inviting "Enjoy Hillsdale Town Center". It is an attractive 6í sign with space below it to hang announcements of events, etc.., on a changing basis. The Business and Professional Association has a $2,000 grant for the signs. 

Meeting was adjourned. 

Keturah Pennington, secretary


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