General Meeting
September, 2000

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
September 6, 2000

The meeting was called to order by President Eamon Molloy at 7:12.  He reminded us to sign in. He announced that due to time restraints the people from Fairmont would like to be first on the agenda and asked that this amendment be made.  Sam Saddler moved and Keturah Pennington seconded that the agenda be approved as amended.  Passed unanimously.  Introductions were made.

Wes Risher moved and Harriet Cooke seconded that the minutes of the last two meetings be approved.  Passed unanimously. 

Eileen Johnson and Ann Friday, who live at the very top of the Hillsdale Neighborhood asked that we consider a change in the Neighborhood boundaries to put the area between Dosch Road and Fairmont Blvd in the Healy Heights Neighborhood.  They feel that their concerns are more related to those of Healy Heights than to those of Hillsdale.  There is a process for changing Neighborhood Association boundaries, and as a first step, Sylvia Bogart suggests that a committee of persons from both neighborhoods be formed to consider the proposal.  Wes Risher reminded us that when Hillsdale Neighborhood boundaries were being drawn, Celeste Lewis had reasons for putting the boundary where is and suggested that she be contacted for a history of that process.  Sam Saddler noted that when the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association voted on the Underground Utility issue, people from that area had sufficient interest/concern in Hillsdale to vote.  Wes Risher feels that any vote on boundary changes should be as broad as possible.  Perhaps ballots could go out with the SWNI all-household mailing.  If Hillsdale sign caps are in that area, they can be moved if necessary.  Harriet Cooke suggested “dotted” boundary lines at the margins of neighborhoods that would allow people in the “dotted” area to be in which ever neighborhood they chose.  Wes says this is not practical since BOP needs to know where neighborhood lines are in order to do proper notification of pending issues.  Eileen Johnson and Ann Friday moved and Harriet Cooke seconded that The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Board be directed to establish, with Healy Heights Neighborhood, a committee to explore a boundary change on Fairmont Boulevard.  Passed unanimously. 

Scott Martin, our Neighborhood Liaison Officer, encourages the establishment of Block Watches and asks for volunteer Block Watch captains.  He reported that three meth houses have been closed in our area this month and asks everyone to be watchful for unusual activity or unusual smells in the area.  Vandalism is high in our area and we are encouraged to remove valuables from parked cars.  The recent case of a fatal shooting by a policeman was not in our neighborhood and Scott Martin has no details about it.  Don Baack expressed strong feeling about how the police handled the case.  Rick Seifert felt  that a mental health counselor should have been present in this kind of situation.  Scott said he’s trained in crisis intervention but was not present at the incident.  Don Baack asked if Officer Martin could give us a more detailed report next month, but this is not something that he will be able to do.  He offered to forward a request for a more senior officer to come and speak to us.  Officer Martin answered questions: Q.  Will we get a photo radar machine in our neighborhood?  A.  It’s making the rounds, but don’t know when it will be where.  Q.  Is there any activity on Barbur that might lead to something like the Olson murder?  A.  There is very little prostitution on Barbur at present.  Q.  Can a patrol officer look into people using Chestnut Dr. as a shortcut to get around school busses?  A.  Not Martin’s shift but he will pass the word along. 

Laurel Wentworth presented a map of the South Portland Circulation Study.  The committee has been meeting for more than three years and are about ready to go to City Council with a proposal to get general approval for the project.  It is acknowledged that there are still many problems to be worked out, including all of the details about curb cuts, parking, etc.,  but the committee feels that it is time for the City Council  to see what has been done and to give approval for further work.  There is no funding available at present, and if it is to be funded by gas tax it will be a very long term project indeed.  But if City Council gives approval of the project it gives leverage in the future to get in line for funds.  Rick Seifert asked if consideration of undergrounding utilities as part of the project is included.  Not yet.  Rick asks that it be considered.  Wes Risher asked if this project was attached to the urban renewal project.  All but the renewal of the old bridge abutment is.  Don Baack does not agree that this a appropriate use of urban renewal funds.  Glenn Bridger reminded us that the neighborhood does indeed have a problem, but that what is put into it will likely be there for 50 years or more, so we should take the time and effort to be sure that it is well done.  Stephen Loflar reminded us that though the proposed changes are in CTLH Neighborhood, we all share the same space, the same businesses, the same recreational facilities, and  our concerns should not be limited by our neighborhood boundaries.  Sam Saddler moved That we endorse the concept, recognizing that there are several issues to be resolved.   There was no second.  There was a general  feeling that we need more time to consider the plan as presented.  It will be on a future agenda.  Laurel Wentworth offered to do a mailing to the Neighborhood as a whole.   She will see about getting us copies of the proposed map.

The August special meeting about the proposed construction on Illinois St. brought our a large number of people.  So far no one has heard any more about the project.  Eamon would like to salvage trees from the construction site if the offer to do so is valid. 

Joleene Clauson has reviewed all the Neighborhood Association by-laws and made suggestions for changes to comply with the open meetings requirements.  Wes Risher moved and Glenn Bridger seconded that the Hillsdale Neighborhood establish a by-laws committee to review the by-laws.  Passed unanimously.    He added that he and Sam Saddler would be glad to serve on the committee.  Sam agreed. 

The Mailbox bill has been paid and we have about $85 in the treasury. 

Upcoming meetings were announced. 

Rick Seifert reported about 400 participants in the community walk on Aug. 26, and suggested that we have a similar event next year.  He asked for feedback on the suggestion. 

The Bridlemile Stream Stewards got a grant to clean up streams.  Does anyone care to join them in the work?

The meeting adjourned at 9:02.

Keturah Pennington, September secretary


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