General Meeting
September, 2005

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting 
September 7, 2005

1.  Convened at 7:04 pm by President, Don Baack. 
Attendance :  23
Agenda approved.
July minutes approved.

2. The final draft of the route of the Red Electric trail is available. No change from preliminary draft. Hillsdale’s comments were not adopted.

3. Hillsdale Park charette. The result will be displayed at Hillsdale Library starting Sept 18. This will be on our November agenda.

4. Dewitt Park extension.  Rick Seifert wants Parks to acquire the lot across from the library, to extend Dewitt Park.  He is encouraging the formation of Friends of Dewitt Park. 

5. Land Use. 
Bob Savage sought HNA thoughts on his proposal to create a flag lot behind the residence  at 1669 SW Sunset.  Rick Seifert suggested joinder with the new owner of the Gedrose house and joint use of a driveway to the back. One next door neighbor opposed the idea, saying it would destroy his privacy. The idea has to pass restrictive covenants, as well a city zoing. Rick moved that a neighborhood group be encouraged to be formed among interested parties, to discuss various alternatives. This passed with one dissent.

Duane Hunting reported an application to subdivide one acre along 18th into 10 lots, to be served off one interior roadway. The owner was not present.

6. Glenn Bridger moved support for a SWNI Schools Committee. This passed unanimously.

7. Meaghan MacKenzie made a plea for assistance in recruiting interviewees for the next round  of ourtreach focus groups, for Oct 1 and 22.

8. A SWHRL update was given byJohn Gould:  A survey will be conducted among members of the Overlap, targeted for Sept 20. This will assuage public opinion in the area, lead to the creation of resolution from both Boards, public comment for 60 days, and a final joint resolution concluding the matter.

9. SWNI report. Keturah Pennington.

  • Tryon Creek Watershed Council has plans to bring anadromous fish up Tryon Creek. 
  • The Mayor’s Visioning Committee is being formed and seeking volunteers. 
  • Fall Clean-up will be the first Sat in November. 
  • The Transportation Committee is pondering criteria for installing sidewalks. 
  • Noise on I-5 from Jake Brakes is being policed and quieted. 
  • Net training is coming; stand by.

10. Announcements

  • Pedestrian Summit this Saturday, September 10.
  • Storm sewer filters will be installed later this fall.
  • Lights along Wilson Pool should be installed this week. Signage for the pool is still being slighted.
  • Fund raising continues for conducting a Hillsdale Plaza charette.
  • Stephens Creek walkway will have to be self-funded.
  • Bus route 39 proceeds.  Talks have been held with Tri-Met by 4 adjoining neighborhoods.
  • City Thai restaurant has applied for a liquor license.
  • For issues pertaining to pedestrian safety call 823 SAFE.
  • Glenn Bridger solicited Hillsdale representation on SWNI committees.
Adjourned: 8:30 pm.
Submitted by John Gould, Secretary.

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