General Meeting
September, 2004

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting September 1, 2004
The meeting was called to order at 7 PM
  1. Approve Agenda: the proposed agenda was supplemented with added items from the floor and approved.
  2. Approve Minutes.  The minutes for the August 2004 meeting were approved. 
  3. Action Plan Review and detail planning: Bill Joseph who was to present the Action Plan and lead the planning discussion was not present.  President Baack announced that the Action Plan is available on the web at Explorepdx.com under SWNI, Hillsdale. 
  4. Dog Off-Leash Report from Committee: Rob Flecker who chaired the meeting was not present, but the next committee meeting will be held on September 9.  Because the library has elected to close earlier in the evening, their meeting room may no longer be satisfactory. The suggestion was made that special efforts need to be made to be sure that the major adjacent owners (church, school, and condominiums) have a chance for input into the discussions.
  5. Board Vacancy: With the resignation of a board member, there is presently a vacancy on the Neighborhood Association board. John Gould summarized the options available in the bylaws to the Association. Wes Risher moved that the Board appoint a new member and Duane Huntington seconded. Passed unanimously.
  6. Homelessness working group: Keturah Pennington reported on the citywide activities as discussed at the SWNI Public safety committee.  She pointed out some of the generally unknown facts, such as the many families with children that are homeless, and the many that live in their cars and move around the city, parked on different streets. There are a variety of reasons people remain homeless, ranging from mental illness to a lost job, etc.  One concern is the relationship between the level of services provided the homeless and the attraction that Portland may have for the homeless in other cities. The discussion migrated into other low-income housing, including the Turning Point transitional housing, and the HAP administered HUD-funded Section 8 Housing.  With a general agreement that we learn more as a community on this issue, including a suggestion that we adopt counteracting homelessness as a neighborhood association initiative, effort will be made to set up further discussion for the November meeting.  John Jacob will help organize this effort.
  7. Parking on Chestnut was reported on by Wes Risher.  As part of the issue is commuter parking taking advantage of the bus stop up to OHSU, there is a need for pursuit of the issue with Tri-Met to help identify options to keep the streets available primarily for local residents.
  8. The board reported that the October meeting will include discussion of the pedestrian crossing at the BH Highway/Capitol Highway/Bertha Court intersection.  The issue involves how to improve safety at this location where the signalized crossing only covers ¾ of the street.
  9. New Business. 
    1. It was moved, seconded, and passed that the neighborhood explore a committee for liason with public and private neighborhood school issues of mutual concern.  John Gould and Duane Huntington agreed to work on the committee.
    2. Duane Huntington discussed the school speed limit on Vermont
    3. Wes Risher reported on the need for structural reinforcement for earthquake protection.
    4. Don Baack reported on the Red Electric Trail.
    5. Wes Risher reported on the Capitol Highway house that burned several months ago and has not been cleaned up.  John Gould reported that notices have been sent but not well received by the attorney for the owner.
Meeting Adjourned

Respectfully submitted,
Glenn Bridger
Acting secretary

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