Poster at Da Vinci Days, 2003

Science discovers kinds of mistakes we had not realized we could make.

Science discovers things we never suspected were possible.

Many current science textbooks are still riddled with errors.  In middle school texts, there is very little correct conceptual science.

And a few decades earlier...

"Thousands of teachers are saddled with error-filled physical science textbooks that fail to present what science is all about..."

John Hubisz in "Middle-School Texts Don't Make the Grade"
Physics Today, May 2003, pp 50-54

"Not one of the books we reviewed  reached a level that we could call "scientifically accurate" as far as the physical science contained therein.  The sheer number of errors precludes such a designation...Many of the obvious errors could be easily corrected, but the subtle errors (including misuse of technical words or phrases, the promulgation of ideas not validated by scientists, and promotion of "politically correct" views) that would leave incorrect implications  would be more difficult to root out."

From the full report on middle school texts

"Everything was written by someone who didn't know what the hell he was talking about, … They were teaching something they didn't understand, and which was in fact useless…"  All of those books were, "a little bit wrong, always! ... Perpetual absurdity ... UNIVERSALLY LOUSY!"

in Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman,
pp 262-276

These were all of the K-12 books submitted for review to the California State Curriculum Commission and reviewed by Richard Feynman--17 shelf-feet of science textbooks.

The authors are still making the same old mistakes!

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