Look . . . See!



Explore the Physicist's Domain, 
X--the unknown

Science is simply not what it seems
...at first glance

Just like this puzzle:

The 18 blocks do fit into the box.
There are many ways to do it.
There is a very simple secret to doing it.

But if you try to solve it without giving it a little extra thought...without first seeing the secret...



The secret is mathematical
...but very simple math.
You can learn a simple trick that will let you put the blocks in the block.(Drag on the space below.)
Imagine that the three long, thin pieces are connected, like a snake, at their ends with two pieces of thread.
But seeing the secret for yourself is far more satisfying.  And it gives you something of value.

Think first, ask questions later.
Learning is not your goal, seeing is.

The greeting-card folder "What's Up?" tells the secret.

Look Again!

What is a quantum leap? (Big, small or mediant?)
What is exponential growth? (Fast, slow or harmonic?)

How do you measure who is the biggest athlete on the team?

What's that loud cracking sound when the movie hero hits the villain on the jaw?

Why can't the spotted owl be an endangered specie, while the gold eagle might be?

Why can't the earthquake's epicenter be more than a mile underground?
Why does someone who says he wants to "limit the parameters" of his taxes sound scientifically illiterate?
The greeting-card folder "Look Again!" reveals much more slippery science and math

Many, many more common misconceptions are demonstrated
the Misconceptions Workshop
Knowledge for Use

Science is an art of not seeming silly,
To someone who sees something we've missed.
Mathematics is the science of seeing,
Those things we never suspected exist.

Knowledge for Use
a treasure hunt
with many puzzles, hidden clues, hidden answers, hidden links
It has a Platinum Plover egg, an Aluminium Plover Egg,
a Titanium Plover Egg, and a Diamond Plover Egg.

but the Diamond Plover Egg is a gateway located
on top of the stone post on Council Crest:

Find the Platinum Plover Egg and you have found
The Key to Success
Of the thousands who have visited our sites in three years only 2 have found the Platinum Plover Egg.
It's not that difficult!  Look again!!

See the  sheet
for some simple but tricky puzzles
that might help you see science more clearly.

Learn some good tricks of your own!

For example:

There much more to this puzzle of
assembling the cube than meets the eye.

It's sneaky.
It's diabolical.
It described on the Knowledge for Use Web site.
On this page.
It's explained thru the hidden link which is the picture of the puzzle.
It's diabolical trick is seen by dragging your mouse over the bottom of the explanation page.

Learn how to hide messages that can be revealed by crossing your eyes.