One of science's most powerful secrets:
Don't fool yourself!
and don't get fooled by the sharks that swim with you
the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but. 
get rich quick



Look for the evidence that it
true, too.
$  $  $
"Those winning lottery numbers weren't anything special:"
32 03 45 49 17 19 22
"I could have picked them."

"The guy that won wasn't anything special.  It could have been me."

"Keep playing!"

0  0  0
1 Ticket won.

97,720,304 tickets did not win.

Don't ignore the other side of the picture.

and don't forget to
Use the magic of math!
Science is an art of not seeming silly,
To someone who's sees something we've missed.
Mathematics is the science of seeing,
Those things we never suspected exist.
Stop with the first glimmer of hope, and Mother Nature will eye you with her pruning shears in hand.

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Science tells us things we may not want to hear, but we must heed anyway because Mother Nature might hurt us if we don't.
Science is a special kind of magic which let's us see things that our perceptions are ill suited to show us.