Look Again!
Look again in a different way, and you will see...
Click on the images to see why we should take a second look...or two.
What is a quantum leap? 
(Is it big, small or mediant?)
What is the VERY SMALLEST jump anything can make?
...when will the population reach exponential growth?
What is exponential growth? 
(Is it fast, slow or harmonic?)
If we start with one family in a little log cabin...
Heading for the basketball court...
How do you measure who
is the team's biggest athlete?
Heading for the weight-lifting gym and coming from the wrestling room... Heading for the golf course (was once a lineman on the football team)..
What is that loud cracking sound
when the movie hero hits the villain on the jaw? 
For every action there is...
This bald eagle is a species.
Why can't the spotted owl be an endangered specie,
   ................ . . . but the gold eagle might be?
This gold eagle is specie.
Why can't the earthquake's epicenter
be more than a mile underground? 
EPIdermis is on the surface of the skin...
Why does someone who says he wants to "limit the parameters"
on his taxes sound scientifically illiterate? 
Watch your spelling...PERIMETER...PARAMETER...
Things are not always what they seem.