General Meeting
October, 2005

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting 
October 5, 2005

1. Convened at 7:00 pm by President, Don Baack. 

Attendance :  approximately 20
Agenda approved.
September meeting minutes approved.
2. Featured speaker Janice R. Wilson, Circuit Judge, Multnomah County gave a 25 minute presentation on the criminal justice system of Multnomah County. She is one of 38 judges, has been on the bench 14 years, and the work load is 70% criminal and 30% civil. The three legs of the system are jail beds, treatment options, and supervision. Bail is set for everything but murder cases. The police “recognition officer” can release some people on a “score card” rating system. Questions from the floor included –Meth addiction & how to control, State & National Police
systems, Not so important crimes – decriminalizing some crimes, and Sheriff’s overtime pay.
3. The final draft of the route of the Red Electric Trail is available. No change from preliminary draft. Hillsdale’s comments were not adopted.
4. Hillsdale Park Charrette. The result will be displayed at several locations around town, including the Hillsdale Library. This topic will be on our November agenda, and covered by Park’s representative Nancy Gronowski.
5. Land Use.  
            Several similar smaller sub-divisions of land parcels within Hillsdale area were discussed. Following some discussion, the group agreed to support the basic concepts as they complied with the current zoning criteria, but suggested that environmental zone restrictions and the preservation of mature trees be considered.
            Lance Johnson indicated to the group that the 1942 CC&R’s held a “sunset clause” in 1977/1980 for the property at 5920 SW 18th, and that he was going to distribute this information to the adjoining neighbors.
6. Glenn Bridger gave a brief SWNI update to the group.
7. The next round  of ourtreach focus group (schools) for Oct 1 was cancelled. The remaining outreach focus group (transportation) for October 22 is still pending additional participants.
8. A SWHRL update was not available, pending further discussion between the groups:  A survey will be conducted among members of the Overlap. This will ask for public opinion in the area, lead to the creation of resolution from both Boards, public comment for 60 days, and a final joint resolution concluding the matter.
9. The Hillsdale business district storm sewer work is scheduled for near the end of the month, most likely on a Sunday to minimize impact to traffic.
10. Don Baack will discuss the need for a timer on the lights at the pool.
11. A walk-a-round to discuss signage for the Hillsdale recreation Area (soccer field, pool, farmers market, etc.) has been held, and the Parks Bureau is coming back to the group with their recommendations for the types of signs (similar to those at Washington Park) at four locations.
12. The HNA Board will be reviewing a proposal of donation in support of the north plaza area of the pool at the next board meeting.
13. Don explained the need for a committee to move the Hillsdale Plaza concept along. He indicated that Mark Seder would be doing a rendering soon, to let people get an idea of what it might look like.
14. The Stephens Creek Walkway is in design phase and should be ready to discuss at next month’s general meeting.
15. Don mentioned that the sign at the Rieke Reforestation area need a new post and a work party to repair it.
16. Announcements

     The Fred Meyer store will be a total tear down & rebuild – about 1 year out for design and approval of this new signature store. 


Adjourned: 8:50 pm
Submitted by Duane Hunting, Vice President


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