General Meeting
October, 2004

Minutes of Meeting of Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
October 1, 2003

1. From 7 pm to 8 pm:  Debate on November 4 Ballot Measure to form a Multnomah County PUD; Nancy Newell and Dan Meek for the Oregon Public Power Coalition and Deane Funk, PR Rep for PGE.

2. Minutes Approval:  re the September 3 meeting minutes, Brigid requested to change  "HNA" to "Healy Heights" on the 5th paragraph of the page that starts with "John made a motion that HNA…" Keturah made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous three meetings; Susan seconded the motion and all approved.

3. Treasurer's Report: Keturah stated that the HNA needs to pay $20 for the last four years in corporate fees.  With this payment, we have $145 left. Keturah made a motion to eliminate the separate mailbox for the HNA and to receive the HNA mail at the SWNI office.  Brigid seconded the motion and all approved.  The Board will also look at getting a local restaurant to sponsor an evening when some of the proceeds can go to raise funds for the HNA.

4. No info on an update of the Hillsdale Planning Process.

5. Brief discussion that parks is soliciting info from the public re the name change for the Wilson Pool.

6. Brigid provided a brief update of conversation with Sari Zanter, who spoke at the SWNI meeting. Ms. Zanter stated that she would be contacting the HNA and Robert Gray School regarding access and issues relating to off-lease hours in Hillsdale Park in the near future.

7. Update on pedestrian connection on SW 19th Street. SW Trails will walk around on 10/11. SW Trails will have a special meeting on 10/16 to address the issue.

8. Rick Seifert mentioned that there will be a Thanksgiving Walk in the morning.

9. Review of proposal to vacate Iowa between 30th and Bertha - now there exists an easement for Iowa but no developed street.  The City has no intention of developing a street at this location.  There are presently five lots and two houses on two of the 5 lots.  One lot is now accessible off of 30th Street and 1 lot is accessible off of Iowa.  If the remaining three lots were developed on the future, a private street would be constructed to serve these three lots.  Glenn made a motion to endorse the proposed vacation as the best way to maintain development pattern and livability of the neighborhood.  Katura seconded the motion and all approved.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.

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