Recent Success Story

In Northeast Portland, neighbors were having problems with impacts of Fred Meyer traffic on their street.  By banding together and working with the Office of Transportation and Fred Meyer, they were able to negotiate a traffic calming solution that was funded by Fred Meyer!

Neighborhood Watches

What is a Neighborhood Watch?
For almost 30 years, Portland has had a Neighborhood Watch program.  A Neighborhood Watch is just a group of neighbors who organize themselves to receive basic crime prevention training, to make a committment to look out for each other, and to work together to resolve any issues that arise on thier block...


What are the benefits?
  • Building community by getting to know your neighbors and thus feeling safer in your neighborhood.
  • Receiving crime alerts from your Crime Prevention Specialist and learning to work with police to solve common concerns and help the police to be more responsive.
  • Working together to prevent crime and resolve livability concerns.
  • Increasing property values by making the neighborhood more attractive to potential home buyers.
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How do we get started?
  1. Talk to your neighbors and decide on a time, date and location for a training session.
  2. Contact your Crime Prevention Specialist to schedule the training.
  3. At the training, select one or two block captains.
  4. Develop a block map and phone tree to distribute to everyone on the block.
  5. Purchase and post the Neighborhood Watch signs.
National Neighbor Night Out
and Neighborhood parties
ways to get to know the neighbors
Here's a great party! the Hillsdale Neighborhood
National Walk to School Day
October 2, 2002
a public safety and public health community event
Learn more about it!

2003 National Neighbor Night Out


Paul Dinberg, CP specialist, NE...............
Stephanie Reynolds, CP specialist SWNI

A video presentation that calls attention to this Web site,
to the new SW Walk map,
to the Neighborhood Emergency Team program,
to the Block Captain Program,

to a number of science education issues
that are on a companion Web site.

is being prepared for broadcast on
Portland Cable Access.

We anticipate that more such videos
will follow.