General Meeting
November, 2005

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting 
November 2, 2005

1. Convened at 7:05 pm by President, Don Baack. 
       Attendance :  approximately 27
       October meeting minutes approved.

2. Hillsdale Park.  Nancy Gronowski from Portland Parks and Recreation
Two schemes were presented: 1. A consensus plan: maintain native vegetation; get a parking agreement with the neighboring church; get land use agreement for adjacent land from Schools.  2. Consensus with options:  additional picnic tables and benches; peripheral path; trailhead on Kanan, and porta potty; drinking fountain; children’s play area.
A motion was made to adopt option 2 with the following amendments:  include parking on the southern right of way next to BHH; include trail access to the park from SW 25th across school property to the northeast.  These all passed without dissent.

3. A Good Neighbor Agreement has been signed by Ken Stewart and other neighbors with the Greater Portland Bible Church regarding multiple topics:  off leash dogs, trash, Frisbee golf, etc.  A signed copy is held by HNA Secretary. This was ratified by HNA viva voce.

4. Red Electric.  A walk was conducted with Comm. Saltzman about dropping the trail to  the river.  He listened.

5. Jake Brake meeting will be held Nov. 15, 4 pm, at Mult Arts Center.

6. Bertha Station.  Sheila Greenlaw.
Core funding is now in place.  The project is open for renaming.  It would be nice to have a name in place by the end of January.  Next steps are to proceed further with environmental clean-up, and submit to city for design review in March. This will be a Design Review, Type II.   For a sample of other projects by this developer see Olson Woods, 31 units off Olson Rd and SW 91st, across from the east side of Red Hawk golf course (near Wash. Sq).

7.  Land Use.  Duane Hunting.
 Two liquor licenses were approved for support:  City Thai  and Z-Fiori.
 Lance Johnson outlined his plan for development of  an acre on the east side of 18th Drive: an east –west street bordered by  10 houses and townhouses.  The community responded with comments calling for such improvement as would meet the vision of a master plan for the entire Hillsdale Triangle, yet to be developed.  Duane will communicate that view to the city.  See next item.

8. Hillsdale Renaissance.  Duane Hunting.
The board has undertaken to begin a community process to awaken the whole community to the need for reassessment and reinvigoration of the Town Center.  Contact has been initiated with City Planning rep. Linda Peterson to help us manage such a job.  There is a great need:  Wild Oats seems to be on the way out; several people wish to improve the Hillsdale Triangle residential area;  the community seems ready to proceed. 

9. Outreach. Meghan MacKenzie. 
The last round of focus groups , transportation, has concluded. They want sidewalks along Capitol, Tewilliger to Sunset. They also echoed the call for more communication within the community, a cry  heard from all the other groups.
Carl Peterson says the Fred Meyer project is delayed until 2008 because of miscalculations involving Stephens Creek.  FM also wants to know what help seniors need to get to shopping during renovation.

10.  SWHRL update. Don Baack. 
A joint survey will proceed In the overlap.  Mailing wlll be Nov. 15, followed by a joint  neighborhood meeting in mid-December, a public comment period, and board concluding resolutions to draw boundaries.   Final resolution is sought by March.
11. SWNI Report.  Glenn Bridger.
There will be a SW clean-up  at the Portland Christian Center, Sat, Nov5, 9-1pm.

12. Tryon Life Community Farm Project. Renna Bell.
7 acres near Boones Ferry Trailhead, seeking to be  saved from residential development to continue as an organic farm and ecological education site. Needs $280,000 by end of year to meet financial plan.  A motion passed to send them a letter of support from HNA. 

13. Mini Plaza at Wilson Pool.  Don Baack announced a gift by an anonymous donor which will fund a design plan and process to build an attractive mini-plaza at the north side of Wilson Pool.      

14.  Farmer’s Market is on winter schedule, twice a month.

15. Next Meeting, Dec 7:  Sam Adams taking questions on Transportation needs in the Southwest.  Moderated by board member  Bill Joseph.  He needs to know we want sidewalks and that we expect his support and leadership.

Adjourned: 8:05 pm
John Gould, Secretary

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