General Meeting
November, 2004

Meeting of Neighborhood Association
November 3, 2004

The meeting commenced at 7 pm.

Bill Joseph moved to approve agenda.  Duane seconded the motion and all approved.

Glenn made a motion to approve the minutes, Bill J. seconded the motion and all approved.

1. Ivy Removal Report:  Jane Cronlund of 3 Rivers Conservancy described the objectives and goals of the Conservancy.  They own 40 acres near Charthouse Restaurant.  Goal is to eradicate ivy in forests in City.  On the third Thursday of every month there is a work program for these 40 acres and for the Keller Woodlands along Terwilliger.

2. Homelessness in Hillsdale: Rick Nitti  (executive director of Neighborhood House) and Angela of Turning Point reviewed the homelessness issues in Multnomah County.  Most are women between 18 and 61 w/2 kids.  Most move to private rental housing.  85% were successfully housed.  92% were successfully housed 1 year after leaving the program.  Average length of stay is 9 months.

3. Bertha Triangle Update:  Shannon Beck and Sheila Craig of Community Partners for Affordable Housing gave an update.  State denied funding and hope to get required funding next year.    They have applied to the EPA for a $180,000 grant to finance the disposal of contaminated soil.  The clean up will be done in conjunction with the development.  The application to EPA is due November 12.  Glenn made a motion that the HNA support this grant application to the EPA and write a letter in support.  Brigid seconded the motion with an amendment that CPAH draft the letter for signature by the HNA.  All approved.

4. HNA Action Plan Review:  Bill Joseph reviewed the Action Plan. Changes are as follows:

  • We need to identify a new person to be the liaison to the Schools- interested people should talk to Bill J. or Duane
  • The library crossing is complete but no signs are up yet
  • Bill Joseph intends to focus on 2 sidewalk projects: 30th/Dosch/BHH and Sunset/Dewitt to 18th
  • Gateway signs are complete except sign at Bertha and Vermont which needs to be replaced
  • BPNA is working on how to clean up the signage clutter and create a uniform sign program in the Town Center commercial area
  • We need to designate a liaison person with Turning Point and the new seniors housing project once complete
  • Rob Flecker is the contact person for the Off-Lease Committee (not Bill Joseph)
5. Safety in Hillsdale:  Scott Westerman  (phone 503-823-0235; email address swesterman@police.ci.portland.or.us) reviewed the status of homelessness in Hillsdale.  There are 3 transient camps (Dosch and BHH,  and 2 at Capitol Highway and Barbur Boulevard).  Many of the car prowls are related to homelessness. 

6. Other Issues:  Breaking fast of Ramadan at Robert gray 3:30 to 7 Sunday, November 7th.  In celebration of Neighborhood House 100th birthday, on Jan 05 they are having a progressive dinner to show people what the organization does.  Thanksgiving Walk is for 9 am at Oak Tree next to Wilson.

Meeting adjourned at 9 pm..

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