General Meeting
November, 2003

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
November,  2003

Thursday, 7:00 PM November 6th 2003
Senior Center of Multnomah Arts Center, Capitol Room. 

The meeting was called to order by President Don Baack. 

1. Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Agenda - Review & Approval. The meeting agenda was approved, with the addition of an update of the Bertha Court/Capitol Highway property under item 7, and moving forward in the agenda the discussion regarding pedestrian connection between Fairmont and SW Council Crest. 

2. Minutes from 10/1/03 Meeting - Review & Approval. Copies of the minutes were not available for distribution, and approval was deferred to the next meeting.

3. Treasurer's Report - Discuss Ideas for Future Fund Raisers. Approximately $20 has been spent during the past month. No fund raiser was discussed at this time.

4. Update on Pedestrian Connection between Fairmount & SW Council Crest Drive on SW 19th. Two residents next to the proposed new trail were present to discuss the next steps on this trail, as being worked out by the SW Trails committee. Additional on site meetings have been held, and some revision made to the earlier staked path. Don Baack read the letter sent by SW Trails to the adjacent property owners discussing the manner in which they would work to fulfill the adjacent owner’s desire to use bark dust in lieu of gravel for the paving material. Jan, from the property owners, was in agreement except for the need for clarification regarding the installation of the bark. Agreement on this point was reached which would allow the trails committee to dig out the pathway base area prior to the placement of any bark at the areas where the path would be constructed. Jan was asked to work with the Healy Heights representative, Bob Gibson, to schedule any work party help in the final placement of the bark on the prepared pathway site. Procurement and placement of the bark dust will be the neighbors’ responsibility both at this initial construction and every two years following.

5. Stephens Creek Park Open House and Neighborhood Association Response. 

Don Baack read the proposed response from the neighborhood to Parks and Recreation regarding the open house proposals: 

1. The plan is silent on the transportation aspects of the trail crossing the creek.  The SWTrails Group has presented documented evidence of the existence of a bridge across the creek in 1920, a photograph, and in 1974, a newspaper article.    The remains of the last bridge are still in place across the creek.  The plan needs to acknowledge the fact that this has been a key pedestrian crossing for many years.  It should also note that the Capitol Hill Road is not a safe street for walkers.  It is narrow, has high speed traffic and has no sidewalks.  This connection is a key safe route to school for students walking to Wilson High School, and any students living in this area which are going to Rieke Elementary School.  It is also a key safe route for walkers going to the Hillsdale Shopping Center, the Hillsdale Library or the Wilson Pool.   Once the crossing is made, we have sidewalks all the way to these destinations.  The plan is silent on fact that most of the park is in the Hillsdale Town Center. 

2. The plan needs to acknowledge that two Urban Trails approved by the Portland City Council in 2000 cross the creek at this location along the right of way of SW Nevada Court.  The two trails are the Willamette River to Fanno Creek Pedestrian Trail and the Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Pedestrian Trail.  The crossing is identified in the plan as a neighborhood trail.  They are SW Urban Trails and should be acknowledged as such. 

3. The plan proposed by SWTrails shows a straight route over the stream and over the low area where a walkway is needed.  While the straight configuration is not as pretty as a meandering walkway proposed in the draft plan, it presents fewer safety concerns for small children using this route.  The bridge should continue to be a straight configuration. 

4. The plan proposed by SWTrails does not include a straight section of the path on the west side of the stream due to grade.  A straight section of the path is not inappropriate, except is should have steps rather than traverse a 20% grade.  It is uncomfortable to walk on a 20% grade.  Steps will help to discourage bicycles from flying down the grade and hitting walkers.  The gentler switchback to the south could also be built. 

5. Parallel parking along SW Capitol Hill Road.  One of the problems we have in SW Portland where 85% of our streets have no sidewalks is providing parking and not forcing walkers out into the street.  It is not appropriate to provide parking in this area at the detriment of pedestrians when we have the Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Pedestrian Trail going along this part of the street to SW 19th where it turns south.  This is also where many of the local park users will be walking to get to the park.  We need to have a sidewalk to assure we have room for the walkers or some other way to assure that we have 5 feet of clear space for walkers to safely walk along the park from Nevada Court to SW 17th.   Any parking should be placed behind the five foot strip.  If a barrier is not provided, the area should be posted as a no parking zone. 

6. At the August open house, support was expressed for an ADA accessible paved loop on the area south of Nevada Court on the bench just east of SW Bertha Blvd.  It was also proposed that one parking space be provided for ADA permit parking on the east side.  This is the easiest part of the park to provide ADA access. 

7.  Kiosk. The SWtrails plan suggested a  SW Urban Trail kiosk at the west end of Nevada Court adjacent to SW Capitol Hill Road to show walkers where the routes go, and to provide additional information on transportation connections.  This should be included in the functional plan. 

8. Implementers:  SWTrails volunteers have been working in this park for years.  They have laid out the SW Urban Trails to utilize this key pedestrian connection and avoid busy streets for the routes.  The implementers of the trail from SW Bertha to SW Capitol Hill Road should be SWTrails.   SWTrails has been building trails throughout SW Portland for several years.  This is a key connection for the SW Urban Trail network. 

9.  The Hillsdale Neighborhood Association shall be the implementers of the Stephens Creek Functional Plan.  The committee actually doing the work is a part of the Hillsdale Neighborhood but it is essential that the broader interests of the neighborhood be considered as well as the interests of those living near the park.  The Hillsdale Neighborhood has provided support and direction to the park from its inception.  It is essential that this committee continue to function as a neighborhood organization and that all meetings and agendas be announced in advance to the entire neighborhood and that minutes of all meetings be kept and distributed to the Secretary and Hillsdale Neighborhood Board.  All decisions regarding the park are subject to the review and ratification by the neighborhood.

Approval of this position was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously.

6. Friends of Trees -- Street Trees and Trees on Wilson/Reike Campus. Brendan Fitzpatrick discussed the project he is working on in conjunction with the Friends of Trees to place street trees in the areas with sidewalks in the Wilson Park part of the neighborhood. The actual planting will take place on March 13. The plan is to plant approximately 60 trees, each purchased by individuals in the community as a part of this program. Flyers for participating in this program were passed out at the meeting. While the costs of the trees are not tax deductible expenses, the administrative costs for pursuing the program are presently unfounded. It was moved, seconded, and passed unanimously that the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association accept donations toward the street tree project overhead costs to defray those expenses. 

       SW Neighborhood Streams Open House [10/21/03, 7-9PM] @ St. Andrews Church. No one present was able to present an update.

        Barber Shops Development Openings [also any right-of-way mitigation issue status]
The discussion of the past regarding the placement of the building has been resolved by the city with the dedication of a small amount of additional right-of-way. In addition, discussion of the high quality of this new development led to the creation of an initiative to identify ways to recognize the developer and potentially combine this with a community fund raiser at one of the new restaurants. John Gould accepted the responsibility for developing a plan to accomplish this. 

          New illuminated sign:  Is this permitted in Terwilliger Design Zone? The clerestory over the Baja Fresh Restaurant contains neon signing inside of it. Discussion revealed that this in not in conflict, to the best of our knowledge, with the Terwilliger Design Zone requirements.

        Bertha Court Retaining Wall Construction, Sidewalk & Roadway/Bike Lane Improvements. The sidewalk and street construction is almost complete and is expected to open in a week.

        Hillsdale Pool at Wilson High School Improvements and pool renaming process. Don Baack reported that request to the improvement designer have been productive and will give good recognition to earlier design suggestions from our Neighborhood.

        Status of Dog Off-Leash Area at Hillsdale Park. A meeting with Parks and Recreation will be held on November 15 at 4 PM. It is hoped that dialogue commences on the issues raised a year ago on steps needed in order to make the off-leash area a success. The sentiment in the association is one of needing to create the area properly, although there is recognition that it most likely will not raise to the standards of the dog park in Ashland that some of the members have visited.

8.  Announcements an Upcoming Events
        11/8 9 am SWTrails walk of the Hillsdale to Lake Oswego Trail meet at Oak      Tree by Dance studio. 6 miles of beautiful scenery, ~200 ft elevation change.  Off the beaten path and through some great parks.  Bus back.  If you have a dog, you must find your own way back as the buses do not yet permit pets. 

        11/15 4pm Dog Off leash Discussion at Hillsdale Park Meet at Hillsdale Park with Portland Parks Reps to discuss Off Leash Area, parking and affect on school, playground church and neighborhood. 

11/22 Hillsdale Community Church, photos from 85th anniversary on display.
        11/27 10 am Hillsdale Community Thanksgiving Walk Oak Tree by Dance Studio walk Hillsdale to the Willamette River loop south, 4 mi, 400 ft elevation. 
        Baby Strollers not appropriate, dogs must be on leash. 

Next Meeting, Wednesday 12/3/2003 at St Barnabus 7pm. 

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