General Meeting
November, 2002

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting 
November,  2002
November 6, 2002

The meeting was called to order by president Wes Risher It was requested that agenda items 3 and 4 be taken in reverse order since item 3 would take very little time and item 4 might take quite a while.  The agenda was approved with this amendment. 

Don Baack noted that the minutes did not include the statement that a speed limit was requested but was not yet acknowledged, and John Gold noted that his request for sidewalks on Sunset to Dosch, and on Dosch from Patton to Beaverton Hillsdale Highway had been omitted from the minutes.  With these two corrections the minutes were approved. 

Aloha Wyse presented a request for neighborhood support for a project to remove ivy and blackberry from the gulch between Twombly and Washouga.  (See attached document) The neighborhood wants to try using goats.  They need 501 (c) (3) status to apply for funds.  Don Baack moved that the HNA support the project with the provisions that they supply a quarterly report, use sign-in sheets for work parties, and follow SWNI procedures for insurance purposes.  The motion passed. 

Wes gave a brief history of the Off Leash Area committee and the activities that led to HNA sending a letter to Commissioner Francisconi and the SWNI Parks Committee in Sept opposing the siting of an OLA in Hillsdale Park.  At the Oct. HNA meeting there was a motion to change the position taken in that letter.  A motion was made to table the motion.  Don Baack moved that the motion be taken from the table.  Motion passed.  Brigid distributed a letter she had written. (See attached document) Bill Josephs read a letter which he wanted to have inserted into Brigid's letter.  (See attached document) He suggests a committee composed of all interested parties to work out the Off Leash problems. 

Brigid distributed copies of an aerial photo showing the proposed off leash area and parts of the adjacent neighborhood, including the school property adjacent to the park and some of the homes across the street.  The proposed entrance to the OLA is within 50 ft. of one home, adjacent to the entrance to a school ball field, and just above some condos.  There were questions about whether the school property would be used for the OLA.  It would be desirable, but there is not yet any plan to include it.  That will come later.

Brigid presented a typical sports schedule for a Saturday showing that parking on the street is currently taken by sports parents leaving none for OLA users during 6 months each year.  Bill pointed out that the OLA Committee report addresses parking problems and made adequate parking a requirement for an OLA.  Victor says that if things don't work out during the proposed trial period then change it. 

John Gould called for the question to reconsider the letter.  It was seconded .  The vote to close debate was 39 yes, 11 no.  Wes reread the letter we had sent.  The vote to rewrite the letter was 2 yes, 43 no.  The letter stands a written.

Don Baack moved to send the letter Brigid had distributed to the SWNI board.  Motion seconded.  There was some discussion about whether this was a new issue and the consensus was that it was a different audience and a different letter.  Bill Josephs moved to table Brigid's letter.  Motion seconded.  The vote was 6 yes, 41 no.  Brigid read the letter.  A lively discussion followed about safety.  Traffic is already heavy on the streets near the park.  David Lezak noted that 1)there is potential conflict at Kanan and 18th, 2) there is potential conflict with the church who can work around the school schedule but can't work around unscheduled OLA use, and 3) The OLA will conflict with use of the school in the evenings and on weekends. He suggested that this be included in Brigid's letter. 

Bill pointed out that the OLA Committee wasn't designing the OLA, merely suggesting an appropriate location.  The committee he proposed might address the design later.  Bob McFarlan from The Laurels condos asked for special consideration for the condos.  This would come with the planning.

Don said he approved of an OLA, but wants it done through a Master Plan.  He feels that an underfunded trial will create, and leave, a mess, but that a park done properly as part of a master plan can be an asset.  He suggested an OLA in Ashland as a good model.  Donna Dockins asked what had become of the master plan that was started several years ago.  Keturah said it had died from lack of interest. 

John made a six part motion to modify Brigid's letter: 1) Omit the last sentence from paragraph 1: 2) Under Inadequate Parking on 25th and Kanan: omit "The SWNI Off-Leash Committee failed to acknowledge that": 3)Under Conflict with other Users: Omit "The Committee failed to recognize the conflict that" and change Street to Ave. ; 4) Under Conflict with Single Family Homes adjacent to the OLA Entrance: Omit "The committee failed to acknowledge the proximity of the entrance to the OLA approximately 50 feet from single-family houses": 5) Under Analysis of Other Potential OLAs in SW: Omit "The Committee failed to consider all of the possible candidates in SW for an OLA.  Specifically"; and 6) Omit the last two sentences of the letter.  Brigid felt that the reference to 50 ft. from homes was important, but the consensus was that it was not needed.  Bill suggested that the words "proposed entrance" be added to John's amendment since the design had not yet been agreed upon.  John accepted the friendly amendment.  Don suggested working with other coalitions to site OLAs all over the city.  John agrees to the idea.  Richard supports the change of tone the amendments bring and noted with approval the big turnout this issue has brought to the meeting, but wonders why there is not so much interest in other issues.  John's motion to amend Brigid's letter passed.  The motion to send Brigid's amended letter passed. 

David again reiterated his 3 proposed amendments but they died on the floor. 

Don reminded us that surplus school property is being sold off and suggested that HNA consider supporting putting a skateboard park in the triangle between Reike and Wilson.  The school looks on it as a high value property because it is in the town center, but a skateboard park would be a more attractive addition to the town center than another commercial building would be.  Since the Parks levy passed there may be money for a skateboard park. 

John reiterated his request for sidewalks on Sunset and on Dosch. 

Glen reported that the Marquam Hill Plan is alive and moving. A new bio-med building will be built at the north end of the campus. 

There will be a meeting to discuss the refinement of the plan for sidewalks on Bertha Ct. at Richard Garfinkle's office at 1616 Sunset on Nov. 11 at 7:00 pm. 

At our Dec. meeting we will see a slide show on the history of the Tillamook Railroad. 

Meeting adjourned at 9:00. 

Keturah Pennington, secretary

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