Splinting Practice
Saturday May 7, 2005
starting at 9 am
Fire Station 5, next to Dewitt Park

x marks the Hillsdale NET staging area
behind the bleachers at Wilson High School

But this time we met at Engine 5 on Dewitt St next to Dewitt Park

But first, we learn where our (Hillsdale NET) supplies are stored and how to get to them.
Fifteen NET team members showed up from seven different NET teams.
Splinting, Bandaging, & Carrying
with Lt. Kevin Shanders
Portland Fire Bureau
May 7, 2005

after TRIAGE, we make a general assessment: A (airway), B (bleeding), C (circulation).  Then comes the whole body assessment -- head to toe.

Find fractures, internal injuries, external bleeding.  Look for signs of shock, head injuries, internal bleeding.  Note breathing, pain, rigidity, swelling, discoloration, dislocation, medi-alert bracelets, etc.

Assessing injuries...Fast!

Start at the head and work toward the toes.  Look for...

Pain, Bleeding, & Deformities
Listen, feel, look.  Be alert for...
Pain, Bleeding, & Deformities
Putting a limp hand under the other improves the sensitivity of your feelling.  Watch for...
Pain, Bleeding, & Deformities
You might feel some crunchiness of broken bones.
Be aware.
Pain, Bleeding, & Deformities

 Speed may be essential...
especially if we have many casualties
...and few responders.


Make use of whatever you can find that can do the job.  Think out of the box.  Imagination and creativity count.

Immobilize the joints above and below a fracture.
Consider how far you need to travel and how long before professional attention takes over.



Remember to lift with your legs, not your back...
Chair Carry
Blanket Carry
Roll the victim up carefully to get the blanket underneath.

Is the fabric strong enough?

Roll back -- leaving plenty of fabric to support the victim's head.
Roll the fabric up in your fist -- let the weight of the victim assist your grip by locking your fingers within the roll.
Lift -- with your legs.
And carry.
Pole Carry
Try placing one pole in a simple fold near the center of the blanket with the other pole locking both edges of the blanket with the weight of the victim.

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