Current Events:
National Nite Out
August 3, 2004 (plus)
Ped. Crossing Enforcement
May 20, 2004
Meth Lab Information
March 23, 2004
Identity Theft Training
April 28, 2004
City Wide Block Parties
May 30, 2004
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Thousands of eyes and thousands of ears.
Watching everything.
Listening to everything.

It's just the neighbors, doing what they do every day.
Friendly.  Unobtrusive.  Enjoying the neighborhood.
Enjoying the community.
Maybe gossiping a bit...

But when something is amiss...
and needs immediate attention

or perhaps 503-823-4824
or perhaps. . . ??

because the neighbors know what those phone numbers can do
and which ones to use. . . when and for what.

It's a Neighborhood Watch!

Your city is ready to respond
and to inform and educate

Fire  Emergency and prevention
Police  Emergency and prevention
Medical Emergency...for prevention, see Wellness

More Neighborhood Watches mean more effective eyes and ears of the neighborhoods.
Help form a new Neighborhood Watch soon!

Office of
ONI's Crime Prevention Program began in 1978 and continues today to empower citizens and support partnerships between citizens and City staff to maintain and improve public safety in Portland. Crime prevention staff provide information and assistance to neighborhood associations, public safety committees, and other citizen groups and individuals to coordinate crime prevention organizing, planning and problem-solving projects.

ONI Office of Neighborhood Involvement
ONI Crime Prevention Services 
Crime Mapper
The New Crime Mapper is GISt what's needed! 
There are rumors that "GIS" stands for "Geographical Information System."  Use it, and you will see that it stands for "Greatest Invention Since . . . 
explore it, and supply your own "Since..."

ONI offers

Problem Solving...resolve livability and public safety concerns
Drug/Gang Houses...fight disruptive activity and remove it
Neighborhood Watch...get with it and get a telephone tree
Community Foot Patrols...non-confrontational reporting
Partnership Agreements...good neighbors: business & residents
School Safety...materials available; foot patrols organized
Crime Prevention concerns addresses

Crime Mapper GIS
Maps and Crime Statistics
where, what and how much

Use the "Explorer" to see maps of any part of Portland.

Use the "Crime" section to see in detail what's happened and how it's distributed throughout the neighborhoods:

Vehicle Theft
Sexual Assault

Explore Portland!
through the city GIS

See maps
See aerial photographs
See property assessments
See property market values 
See water connections
See the storm drain system
See the sanitary sewer system

...and much more

You can find a photo of your neighborhood from directly overhead here, 
...and you might even see your car if it was in the street.
These photos are detailed!

Is graffiti a problem in your neighborhood?
Graffiti Abatement Program
November 25, 2003
Hello Graffiti-Fighters!

We need your help! The new PortlandOnline Graffiti Report system is up and running, and ready for you to use. Please help us test the effectiveness of this system by using it to report all types of graffiti in Portland.

PortlandOnline Graffiti Report

Please be as specific as possible when using this system. As always, exact addresses for buildings/businesses, and intersections for street signs, will be most helpful when we refer the reports for removal.

Thanks for your cooperation. Our goal is to improve livability in our neighborhoods by cleaning graffiti wherever it occurs. The more eyes and ears in the community that are helping us gather accurate information, the easier it will be to track and remove graffiti in all neighborhoods.  Ultimately, we want to tie in with law enforcement and prosecution, to apprehend the vandals and hold them accountable for the damage they cause. 

Marcia L. Dennis
Graffiti Abatement Coordinator