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This wooden walkway is over a wetlands in a wooded greenspace. The wooden rail gives the unsteady walker something to hold on to. Several streets to the south give easy, wheelchair accessible, access to this park. Willow Creek Nature Park, THPRD. A little downstream from where Willow Creek passes near the intersection of NW 158th Av and Cornell Rd.

Nature Activities

Bridlemile Neighborhood Stream Stewards:  Meetings on first Tuesdays at Southwest Community Center, 7 pm.
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May 8, 2004

NoIvy Day Work Party
George Himes Park
Bridlemile Creek Stewards is proud to be a partner in the second annual Portland-wide No Ivy Day. Bridlemile Creek Stewards will manage the George Himes Park  work-site.  The city-wide event is sponsored by The Ivy Removal Project  (also known as the  No Ivy League), a partnership between Portland Parks & Recreation and Friends of Forest Park. People helping with this event in the morning will receive a token for lunch at a hot dog picnic at Portland Farmer¹s Market Garden Day in the South Park Blocks by Portland State University.  You may choose to attend the picnic downtown, OR join our stalwarts for an exciting afternoon of ivy eradication.

Who: Please join us if you have an hour or more to spare!  Adults and children over 12.  Parts of the site are challenging.

Bring:  Wear boots or heavy shoes, long pants, long sleeves.  Bring these items if you have them:  gloves, a water bottle, loppers, pruning shears, small pruning saws.  These will be provided for people who don't have their own.

When: Saturday, May 8, 9am-4pm.

Where: George Himes Park, near SW Capitol Highway and Terwilliger

Parking: on Nebraska St, just east of Terwilliger Blvd.  Nebraska is about two-tenths mile south of Capitol Highway.

Contact: Steve Mullinax, 503-768-9065
Greg Schifsky, 503-246-2714