The strange shadows running across the pictures are from non-synchronization of the camera with the computer monitor.
These images are camera shots of the PDF file of the Walk Map.
Latest version:
1.  That "dead-end road" from Riverwood is a railroad track.
2.  That's Breyman Ct; Breyman is the road in front of the school.
3.  Street doesn't go to river.  (Can't see river from end of street.)
Should be:

More like this.
1.  Vacuna St ends shortly at a "Private" sign
2.  Northgate St goes west from here and is marked "Private" only the last half of its length.
3.  There is no jiggle in Military Rd.  It intersects with Palatine Hill a little to the west of Esquiline Circus.
1.  There is no 46th here.
2.  The trail is at California.  Texas is a street.
3.  There are seven outdoor drinking fountains in Gabriel Park
4.  This drinking fountain must be inside the Community Center.

Which trails are shown and which are not is a bit strange.  The most important trail in the park, and the most used, is the one from the Tennis Courts on the west to the corner of 37th and Nevada St on the east.  A big piece isn't shown.  Nor are the other wide, paved, E-W trails in the north part of the park.  On the other hand, the trail from the west end of Caldew is little more than a demand path, easily missed from the north if you don't know where to look for it.
SW 68th does not extend into Hideway Park, nor does it turn to the east as shown.  A street is missing at the west end of the park.  The Hideaway trails are mostly narrow, paved trails and are an important route for avoiding walking on Oleson Rd (dangerous).
This connector is a narrow driveway on its north end and a paved path on its south end.
Looking south from Vermont
at Terri Ct path
No street.  No trail.  No path.  Just a grassy slope at the edge of the park.  Not used as a trail.  No reason to.
Here, the drinking fountain and restrooms have been put closer to where they are.
1.  SW 43rd does connect Beav-Hills. HY with Admiral Ct.  (It sort of looks like a non-street, but we drive it a lot and it's not as bad as it looks from the south.)  The north part is paved although it looks somewhat like a private driveway--it isn't..  The stairs are at the very west end of Admiral Ct.
2.  The (paved) walk does not intersect with 45th at Julia but rather quite a bit to the south.
The path is a path, not a street.
It's a path from 45th to Admiral Ct at the top of the stairs.

Path to Admiral Ct from SW 45th
Two queries:
1.  SW 49th cannot be driven here, and the current use by the adjacent owners might seem to inhibit pedestrian use, too.  I don't know the status of this ROW.
2.  This path is a private parking lot for the church and day care center.
Dolph here is not a street; it's a recently cleared bramble patch.
The pedestrian routes into PCC via 53rd and 51st are not auto routes.  We need some way to clarify this.
1.  This isn't the Forestry Center; it's Children's Museum.
2.  This is a place the walker really needs some help from the map.  The 40-mile trail goes down the freeway on-ramp and then ducks into the woods and up the slope to the south.  This is very UNobvious.

Note the location of the 40-mile trail from Canyon Ct north.  This, not the streets into the zoo (etc.) is the choice for most walkers.  Wildwood trail starts (mile 0) at the entrance to theVietnam Veterans Mermoial park at Kingston.
These are private streets in a gated community.  I believe the intent is that they not be open to the walking public.  The gate is always closed and locked.