The strange shadows running across the pictures are from non-synchronization of the camera with the computer monitor.
These images are camera shots of the PDF file of the Walk Map.
Latest version:
1.  The bridge goes to St Helens Ct, not Montgomery Dr.
2.  Laurel does not connect to Montgomery.
3.  The steps meet Elizabeth at the tangent point.
Should be:

  More like this.

The "Elevator St" stairs are stairs all the way top to bottom.
1.  The 40-mile trail does not simply cross Marquam Hill Rd.  The trail from below meets the street near the intersection with Gibbs about 400 feet north of where the trail from Terwilliger meets Marquam Hill Rd.
2.  On the Walk map, the trail appears to come to 13th.  That is wrong and guaranteed to mislead some map users..

The actual 40-mile trail is shown here in black--the upper 40-mile section has been added--both upper and lower are very high-quality trails, having recently been resurfaced.  The alignment shown (from GPS) is probably accurate to within about the width of the drawn line.  Note that, at its north end, the alignment of the Marquam Hill-Terwilliger segment is along paper-street ROWs.  It goes south on 14th ROW, then east on Lane, and (probably) south on 11th to where it crosses the wooden bridge.
1.  Condor extends up to Terwilliger (at mile 1 of Terwilliger).
2.  The stairs to the VA hospital start where Condor comes up.
3.  Only one street connects Hamilton Ter to Terwilliger.
4.  The stairs do not cross Barbur.
5.  The path turns to the north at the bottom, not to the south.
6.  Lowell Lane is opposite Homestead Dr at Terwilliger.

The Spanish American War Memorial is near here.

This area is pretty badly messed up.  I've simply shown here a piece of my Marquam Nature Park map that covers most of this area--I'm pretty sure it's accurate.  Lowell Ln used to be a road going around the hill, but it has been vacated and houses were built over it.  The piece of it shown on the Walk Map is the abandoned southern part (?): the nothern  part (still there) isn't shown at all.  (I see that not enough of 4th ave is shown on the Walk Map.) 
58th Dr continues south to become Abernathy Ct: neither is accessible by auto from Windsor Ct.
Windsor is separated from Abernathy Ct by a cable and a non-paved section.
SW 70th extends north almost to Sharon Ln and is a major route for pedestrians because there is a pedestrian route through the driveways here (usually blocked to autos).
A large fraction of pedestrian traffic coming from the north on Ridgewood takes that paved path to the west (near Brenne Ln).
This is only a query: 
1.  No street from the east intersects with Aloma Wy or Firlock from the Hunt Club area.  How close does that road come to reaching Aloma Wy? 
2.  Is this old Oregon Electric RR bed really going to be opened up soon?
Garden Home Park (home to innumerable soccer matches) has a paved trail connecting Alden to Skyhar.

And a drinking fountain!
1.  SW 74th does not cross the stream and go to Landau.
2. A path connects the two Elmwoods (popular with bikes).
1.  There is no street connecting Spruce and Pine at 77th.
2.  There is a well-used trail connecting all the segments of Spruce.

Lesser Park is smaller.
(Has it been added to??)

And Haines is shorter and 59th longer.
Note the location of PCC's running track.
1.  Berry Botanic (not "Botanical") Garden isn't here.
2.  Tryon is shown extending too far north.  Pomona is missing.
3.  Maus seems to exist only as a private driveway.
4.  Summerville goes further south of Carey and further north of Palatine Hill Rd.  It's connected by a path on the ROW.
5.  There is a second street here parallel to and north of Buddington--it goes to the back gate of Berry Botanic Garden. Buddington is shorter than shown.
Note also that Daphe (top, left corner of map) does not form a loop as shown on the map and does not extend south of Radcliff.  Radcilff  is misnamed on the Walk map as "Riverdale" because Radcliff turns south to Riverdale then west to run past Daphne.  At the corner of Hedlund and Riverdale, the street to the north and the street to the west is Radcliff.