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Feast your eyes on these visual suggestions for correcting and/or improving the Walk Map.
 Error 13

That's not the Forestry Center; it's Children's Museum.

HEY!  This is the old map.
The new one corrected this error.

40-Mile Trail

The trail enters the map from the woods to the west of Children's Museum.  The last sign is to the east, across the busy street.  It points across the freeway bridge.

Photo index
Photo 13a

There's the trail sign at the far left.

Photo 13b

Now you're on your own...cross the bridge.

Photo 13d

But this is the correct way to go.  Down the on ramp.

It's the last directions you get.


Where to now?  The map says go up that slope.

Photo 13e

And half way down the on ramp,
the trail ducks into the woods. 

Errors 20 & 21
20a  A piece of Council Crest Dr is missing.
20b  Buildings here have Council Crest Dr addresses.
          (Not 19th.)
21  The pedestrian route here is a manicured trail.  There is a gravel road for a residence on the north and for the transmitter building on the northeast.

Photo 21x

The pedestrian path.
The transmitter building is on the right.


Photo 20x

Photo 21y

The road to the transmitter building.
The pedestrian path is on the hill by the trees.
Photo 20y

The gate into the KGON tower.
Bertha Tank has a Council Crest Dr address.