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The east end of Wyndham Ln was abandoned long ago, and the trail which took its place has been used less and less until today the land owners have taken much of it over for their lawns.
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The path from Fairview goes into the woods for about 40yards and then deteriorates and moves onto manicured lawns.
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Missing stairs.

When we checked out the stairs in this area we got a big surprise.  There are many more stairs than we were aware of.  Stairs can be found everywhere.  Most are private but are implicitly or explicitly intended for public use.  We believe that some of the stairs are on the City list of public stairs.

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Thomas More isn't there................It's here..........
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12a Pointer. between Camelot Ct and Slyvan Ct, has recently been torn up as part of the freeway construction near Sylvan.  We don't know whether PDOT intends to restore this section of Pointer.
12b  To the east of Camelot that road was orignially the east-bound on ramp.  It's been closed for years.  There's also an access to parking for some apartments.  Walkers can go through that parking and reach Canyon Rd at Camelot.
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Renee Steps

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The is the north end of Dogwood Ln.  Vehicular traffic is prevented by that wrought iron gate, but pedestrian traffic is uninhibited.  (The gate is sometimes open for local auto traffic.)
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There is absolutely no trace of  73rd south of Sharon.

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Looking west from the end of Windsor.
That's 58th Dr on the other side of the stream boulders.
No auto traffic goes through here.
Photo 18b

This is 58th Dr, looking east toward Windsor.