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Photo 2a
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Photo 2b

Errors  2 & 3
2  Main St connects 57th to Salmon near the north end of 58th.  It a rough gravel road but perfectly good walking.
Clay St goes west from 58th as a pretty good gravel street.  It turns south to become 60th (narrower street) which goes south to Mill.
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Error 3 sign
Photo 3a
Looking west onto Clay from 58th.
Photo 3b
The address sign reads "1601 SW 60th."  That's 60th on the left as it head south toward SW Mill.  Below, we look west onto Mill from the southern end of 60th.
Photo 3c
Error 4
4.  Taylor St does indeed extend all the way from 61st Dr to 57th.  We had not checked it in several years, and when the area was annexed to the City, a short piece was added to make the connection.  (It was added over the objections of the neighbors who managed to keep the width down to 14ft and with no parking.)  Taylor Ct and a piece of 58th are missing from the map.
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Error 4 sign
Photo 4a
Taylor Ct veers off of Taylor St just above the narrow, added section of Taylor St.  It a rough-gravel street at first, but improves considerably in a short distance.
Photo 4b
SW 58th St goes north from the west end of Taylor Ct.
Errors 5 & 6

5  Hewitt Blvd is mislabelled "58th" on map.
6  The new paved walkway connecting Humphrey and Schools FerryRd/Skyline should probably be shown.
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5a Street sign identifying "Hewitt" as the street name.
6a.  New walkway from the intersection of Hewitt and Humphreys.  (It has a yellow ribbon across it right now, but it has been open for a few months: the ribbon is because of current construction.).
Error 7
5.  There is a street here, formerly called "Grant St," but now officially an access street to several homes that have Humphrey addresses.
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The end of "Grant St" has a demand path into the cemetery which is used extensively by "walkers and dog walkers" according to a local resident.  We use it too.
Photo 7a
Photo 7b