General Meeting
May, 2004

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
May 5, 2004

Hillsdale Neighborhood Association
May 5, 2004  Meeting started at 7:00 pm. 

1. Duane Hunting approved the agenda and Glenn Bridger seconded the agenda.

2. Elections:  Keturah Pennington reviewed the procedure for election of directors– to vote in this election a person must have attended 1 prior meeting of the HNA within the last two years.  The officers proposed are: Rob Flecker, John Gould and Aloha Wyse, for a two year term.  No further nominations were provided. Wes Risher made a motion to elect the slate of directors; Duane seconded the motion and the motion was approved unanimously with 19 persons voting.

Don Baack reviewed  the officers as follows:  Don Baack: President; Duane Hunting: Vice-President; Brigid Flanigan-Secretary; Bill Joseph – treasurer.  Duane made a motion to elect this slate of officers, Craig seconded the motion and all approved.

3. Discussion of Dog Off-lease area:  Don reviewed the status as follows:  Cheryl Fairfax is the new person appointed by Parks Bureau. Don proposed that the Neighborhood Committee create a plan for the Hillsdale park areas as a YES site and present it to the Parks Bureau.  A discussion ensued re the benefits and drawbacks of moving forward with fencing.  Wes made a motion that the HNA approve moving forward with the creation of this Committee and that this Committee should come up with a plan for Hillsdale Park.  Keturah seconded the motion with a concern with the Committee solicit participation from stakeholders, including representatives from the soccer and softball leagues and from Robert Gray School.  The motion passed.

4. SWHRL Update:  Don provided an update and suggested that we (the HNA) monitor what plans/proposals SWHRL comes up with next.

5. Review of Action Plans: Don stated that the Hillsdale Action Plan would be sent to SWNI.

6. West Portland Christian School proposal to light playing fields:  presentation by Ben Haskell.  Lighting will be installed in 3 to 5 years.  Shields will be installed.  Lights would operate no later than 9 pm.  Brigid made a motion that the HNA write a letter requesting that: a) approval of the lights be granted for no longer than 3 years; b) lighting be directed onto the fields and c) the lighting not impact adjacent neighbors or shine up into sky.  Duane seconded the motions.  Glenn amended the motion to request that the letter be drafted first to Multnomah Neighborhood Association to get their input and then a letter be drafted and sent to the City. Duane seconded the motion and all approved.

7.  Tram Report Update:  Glenn gave an update of the citizen Advisory Committee.  The CAC report will go the Council in June.  The tram will cost $30 million and the City Council has only approved $15 million.  Glenn stated that only 2 out of about 20 members of the CAC who voted supported taking another look at the financial realities of the tram.

 8. School Zone Speed Limit: Don gave an update re his conversations with the principal re creating a 20 mile an hour school zone on Capital at Wilson.  Also, Don and the principal discussed the need for a crossing at Sunset for the students.

9 Bertha Triangle Housing:  Rob Prasch requested that the HNA draft a letter of support for the application going to PDC on May 28th. Bill Wilson is the architect.  Duane made a motion that the HNA draft such a letter and offered to draft it (as opposed to Brigid).  Brigid seconded the motion and it was approved.

10. Fence across from Wilson w/graffiti: a request has been made to clean graffiti off of the fence on the south side of Vermont.

11. Parking problems for 7th Avenue and Chestnut Neighbors:  Wes is organizing a meeting of these neighbors to address the parking overflow generated from OHSU and Barbur Boulevard Shops. 

12. Hillsdale Alliance Meeting:  The second meeting was held and the next meeting is July 20.

13. Minute approval:  Glenn made a motion to approve the minutes, Wes seconded it and all approved.

14. SW trails Update: The SW Trails group is requesting $35,000 from the City to fund the Stephen’s Creek crossing.  Brigid made a motion that the HNA support such a request; Duane seconded the motion and all approved.  Don offered to draft the letter.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15.

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