General Meeting
May, 2000

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
May 3, 2001

President Eamon Molloy called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm.  The agenda was approved as amended.  Introductions were made.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved with the amendment of the spelling of Sam Sadler’s, Shirlie Karl’s and Rick Seifert’s names.  Sorry.  

Robin Gregory from Community Court gave us a brief history of how Community Courts got started in Manhattan to handle smaller “quality-of-life” crimes in the neighborhoods in which they occur, and to make the penalty for the crimes a “pay back” to the community rather than just jail time.  The Community Court is a marriage of the Justice Department and the Social Services Division and tries to do more than just punish the offender.  An offender is connected to services needed to improve their own situation, and is also required to do service that will improve the neighborhood.  The Manhattan Court usually handles cases within 18 hours after an arrest.  There are currently two Community Courts in Portland, both on the east side.  Clifford Freeman is the judge, and our courts operate every two weeks at present.  It is hoped to have a court on the west side by the end of this year, and for it to have a daily schedule.  Start considering what projects for community service we might want to suggest.  Non-profit groups can request community service crews.  The crews are well supervised, and it is possible that supplies and tools may be provided as well.  Transportation may be problem, though.  Rick Seifert said that the Hillsdale Business Association is working closely with Wilson High and suggested that perhaps court could be held there once a week so civics classes could watch.  

Glen Bridger reported that the Transportation Committee met twice in April, once about the Library intersection, and once about permits for the Mittleman Jewish Community Center campus.  The proposed new addition to MJCC would put a 30 ft. high, 270 ft. long building with no windows next to Capitol Highway.  This is not pedestrian friendly.  The MJCC request for a traffic light at the current entrance will probably be denied since it is too close to the signal at Vermont and 30th.  The Hillsdale Neighborhood will ask to review  the MJCC plans later.  The Hillsdale Business and Professional Association wants to sign on to the letter to MJCC.    

Jay Mower noted vacant land near Terwilliger that is owned by the County.  We need to push for Parks to take it over (possibly at no cost?).  The County got it due to failure of the owner to pay the taxes.

The street trees in front of  A-Boy have been topped.  Apparently it was due incompetence, rather than malice, but the manager will be talked to and asked to make amends.  With new trees?

The sign for the Bible Church is too large.  An inspector will  look at it next week. 

Rick Seifert reported that the Sign Cap Scrip program will start soon with $5 and $10 scrip.  Sign caps are .being made and will be ready to show at the next meeting.  

The Stephens Creek Park Name Committee had approximately 20 recommendations for a new name, but agree that Stephens Creek Park is an appropriate name.  Stephens was an important pioneer who had the Donation Land Grant on which the park sets today.  

Rick called Volkswalkers to see if they want to participate in the event to celebrate the Capitol Highway improvements.  Aug. 26, 27 is open.  Perhaps we can set up a Volkswalk passport table at the top of the grade?  This will be discussed at the HBPA meeting.  

Bob Baldwin reports that copies of Bureau of Planning’s Planning Commission Recommended Vision: Policies and Objectives may be gotten from the SWIN office.  He asks people to go to the City Council meeting on May 17, 6 pm.  Questions are raised about proposed higher density around parks and about problems with natural areas that people treat as their own back yards.  Sam Sadler says the area around Gabriel Park is a good candidate for higher density so people can walk to the park easily.  There was general agreement that the Southwest Task Force vision is different from the Planning Commission vision for Southwest.  Planning Commission wants to make the Barbur Corridor separate from the SWCP, and have it be the 3rd step.  The Vision group says it must all be coordinated.  Bob Baldwin will bring these problems to the next committee meeting.  Is WPTC to be held hostage and hold up the Barbur Plan?  

Our action items are due at SWNI on May 12.  We have an impressive list.  If you have additions, get them to Eamon.  

We will soon get the check from the Bulky Waste Pick Up and will have enough money to pay Wes the last of the money he advanced the Neighborhood Association.  

The Bridlemile Stream Stewards got a BES grant to get rid of ivy.. The neighborhood offers to train ivy pullers about how to pull ivy and replant native species.  

The ivy in Himes Park is dying where it was sprayed!

The meeting broke up at 9:06

Keturah Pennington, temporary secretary

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