Some Walks in the Wild
Marquam Gulch

Forty-Mile Trail and SW Urban Trail #1 (Helen Farrens Trail)
on Marquam Hill


Forty-Mile Loop Trail is now well over 100 miles long.  It enters the west side of Portland (left bank of the Willamette River) at St Johns Bridge.  From there it will probably follow the new section of Ridge Trail to Wildwood Trail.  It follows Wildwood Trail southeast to the Viet Nam Veterans Memorial where it turns off of Wildwood Trail and onto Marquam Trail at Wildwood's mile 0.11.  Marquam Trail continues south over the Hwy 26 freeway, down the east bound on ramp and into the woods where it climbs up to the summit of Patton Rd at St Thomas More Church.  The route then follows Talbot south to mile 0 of Fairmount Blvd and enters the woods of Council Crest Park.  It then skirts around the east side of Council Crest summit and descends into Marquam Gulch (and onto the above map, which almost includes the summit).  The trail splits in the bottom of the south branch of Marquam Gulch, the upper branch being slightly longer than the lower.  From Marquam Hill Rd the trail descends to Terwilliger Parkway and follows the Terwilliger Bike path south to George Himes Park where it descends to the streets of Corbett-Terwilliger-Lair Hill Neighborhood.  From there it goes into Willamette Park and follows the Willamette Greenway Trail to Selwood Bridge.  It leaves Portland's West side crossing Selwood Bridge.

SW Urban Trail #1 (Helen Farrens Trail)  starts near I-5 at Whitaker and goes west up Whitaker, following paths where cars cannot go.  It comes up under Terwilliger Blvd on a brickwork trail reconditioned by the SWTrails group (and enters the above map).  After a short piece going north on Terwilliger, it enters the campus of Oregon Health and Sciences University (OHSU) on Campus Drive, going under Casey Eye Institute and Doernbecker Childrens Hospital.  At the hairpin turn (Campus Dr is currently closed beyond here for construction of a new building) it takes to paths and stairs eventually coming up to the south side of the Campus Library and onto Gibbs St.  It then follows Gibbs west (which becomes Marquam Hill Rd at the turn to the south),  It follow the route shown on the above map, turning south off Hamilton St at 29th Ave.  After crossing Sunset Blvd it enters Dosch Estates (see) and turns west at Dosch Rd.  Then it turns west on Mitchell St to enter Albert Kelly Park.  It leaves Kelly Park at Lee St (dead end) goes south on 36th Ave, to Mitchell, to 39, to Lee and then across the new path and bridge built by SWTrails.  It takes the path from Admiral Ct west to 45, jogs to Julia and then the Julia path to Shattuck.  Next, south a jog to 53rd Ave, north to Hamilton St, and west on Hamilton to the city limits at Scholls Ferry Rd.