Some Walks in the Wild
Portland, Oregon, a city that understands wildness
To one who sees only inwardly "wild" means "savage"
...but to one who looks out and sees the rest of the world, "wild" means "free."
-"In wildness is the preservation of the Earth."
Highway 26
Marquam Gulch
  Duniway Track
An aerial view of Marquam Gulch--a wilderness park in the middle of the city and just minutes from downtown Portland (by car)

The Medical School (OHSU) ridge is on the left and Ravensview Ridge (Governor's Park) is on the right.  At the mouth of Marquam Gulch lies Duniway Park with its large lilac garden, two running tracks and, just to the south, the YMCA fitness center.

Beyond all that lies Marquam Nature Park a system of trails connecting residential streets on the ridge tops and extending all the way to the top of the mountain at Council Crest Park.  Take a look at the map, then take a walk or two in the wilds of Marquam Gulch.

Suggested walks:

Sunnyside - Goldy Corridor
Marquam Hill trails
Marquam Gulch - Trail #6
And now, a new trail...

OHSU has a new Emergency facility, one of the best equipped in the West.  An easily reached helipad is connected to the Emergency Department below by the fastest elevator in Oregon.  One of the longest pedestrian sky bridges in the world connects the VA Hospital with OHSU South Hospital.