General Meeting
March, 2000

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
March 1, 2001

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 by President Eamon Molloy.  The agenda was approved.  Introductions were made.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  

Guests Peggy Norman from Neighborhood House and Willie Poinsette, Principal at Robert Gray Middle School, spoke to us about SUN Schools.  Schools Uniting Neighborhoods (SUN) started in Lents with a willing principal and are now all over the county.  Commissioner Sten would like to have 20 in the first year. 

SUN schools are a focus for the community, using the school building “all day, all week” according to Ms Poinsette.   A SUN School can offer anything the community wants - classes, sports, health care services, day care services, counseling, tutoring, etc.  What would we like to see?  A survey is available for people to express their preferences.  Money will be tight.  The grant to start a SUN School pays for the coordinator, not for programs.  Funding from a variety of sources is being applied for.  

Glenn Bridger reminded us that the Town Center boundary is envisioned to be expanded to include Robert Gray School and Hillsdale Park.  Access (sidewalks) is important as is street lighting, if the school will be used at night.  

Don Baack suggested that the wetland southeast of the school would make a good outdoor laboratory if it could be purchased.  

At this time $1273.50 had been collected for the Bulky Waste Project and there are envelopes not yet in.  Everyone is pleased with the way the event went.  It would be nice if you can send a letter of thanks to Dave Bragdon at Metro. bradeone@metro.dst.or.us, or cal him (503) 797-1889.  

Glenn Bridger reported that Metro is buying one acre for Stevens Creek Park, on Capitol Highway.  There is a house on the property that will have to be relocated.  The community should consider whether a use can be found for the house.  It will be vacant on May 1.  

Notices of land use hearings go to the neighbors of the affected property and to the Hillsdale Neighborhood association.  If you get a notice and have a question about it, get in touch with Glenn or Eamon.  

There is a question about expanding the Hillsdale Town Center boundary.  If the expansion includes the Hoot Owl corner it will include part of Multnomah Neighborhood, and perhaps part of Hayhurst.  The other neighborhoods want an explanation of why this should be allowed.  Bob Baldwin will go the Multnomah Neighborhood Association meeting  on March 14 to explain this to them and wants someone to assist him.  Maybe Celeste Lewis since she has put so much work into the Town Center plan?  

A report on the clean-up and funding of the Library site should be ready in 2 weeks.  The clean-up problem may be greater than was at first thought. 

Rick Seifert is refining the sign cap design.  We will have it in two colors. 

Rick also reported that the Underground Utilities Committee is about ready to send its report to City Council.  The report will recommend that part of the franchise fee that overhead utilities pay to the city be set aside to fund undergrounding the utilities in selected areas.  

Rick, as chairman of the Name Committee, says that South Burlingame Neighborhood Association wants to keep the name Stevens Creek Park unless someone comes up with a “really good”  name to replace it.  Give Rick your really good ideas.  

Rick will be the next president of the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association.  The HBPA is looking into the possibility of getting group health coverage for its members.  

Jeff Bernhardt, who lives at  1520  SW Flower St. just off Westwood, says that the homeowner just beyond the deadend Flower Street wants to extend the street to his property.  Doing so would pretty well fill in the short part of a small creek that is still daylighted there, and necessitate the remove a large old weeping willow.  Bernhardt wants to know if the Neighborhood Association can help him in his efforts to prevent this.  Since it is a dedicated right of way, and is not a “p” or a “c” zone, there doesn’t seem to be much legal recourse, but it was suggested that he request the compromise of using a bridge instead of a culvert and fill.  

Don Baack reported that an ivy removal project in Himes Park is using a herbicide instead of manual removal.  He was particularly incensed by the fact that the removal crew implied that they were just studying the possibility of using a chemical removal method when in actuality they were in the process of doing it in a “c” zone.  

The Off-leash Committee report went to Jordan.   There will be a response in 60 days.  

The meting adjourned at 8:59.  

Keturah Pennington, temporary secretary  

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