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Portland, Oregon


Afrom OHSU Healthy Chats

BSee the neighborhood with companionsGroup Walks 

CTrail ProjectsSouthwest
      Urban Trails 

DHelp correct the mapsCorrecting

ENature in the city, plusNature       Activities

FNET ActivitiesNeighborhood 
     Emergency Teams

GNeighborhood/Block Watch ActivitiesNeighborhood

H ONI-sponsored meetings Office of 

 I Neighborhood Associations' activitiesSouthwest

J...and all those other eventsOther

    Current Events
Help us correct Portland's maps. Help us correct nearby maps, too.
Streets in red don't exist.  Streets in green are on the ground, but not on the map.

Map Correction Projects

Field check of new walker's map:  

Linda Ginenthal of PDOT is making a new walker's map for SW Portland. 
See SWTrails Bulletin Board for details.