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We don't claim that we can fly from building top to building top by flapping our hands because we see the fallacies of such a claim.  And we certainly don't try to do it.  Nor do we claim that such a hypothesis is as valid as the claim that we must not try such human flight on the grounds that "Reality is merely a construct of a human mind, and all mental constructs are equally valid."  Some hypotheses really are more valid than others, and some are wrong by imperatives of logic.

When we don't see the logic we can make fatal mistakes.

try hand flapping next time?
Our da Vinci Days puzzles demonstrate many points.  How should we tie in the experiences of struggling with them?  How do we lead from those experiences to the Web sites--and perhaps to making some puzzles to show to some friends?

make 'em in 5 cuts?
"Aura words" tell a lot.  When we misuse science terms we demonstrate lack of understanding.  Quantum leap.  Parameter.  Epicenter.  Specie.  Exponential.   Biggest and best.

a quantum leap?
Parameter.  Rank.  Intelligence.  Justice.  Human rights.  Terrorism.  When is it dumbing-down?  When is it rational survival?  When is it irrational survival?  When is it dangerous oversimplification?

dangerous dumbing down?
Heres a possible page to post to show the importance of avoiding self-deception ("Stop looking once we've found what we like") because of logical imperatives from statistical inferences.
seek the whole truth