Karen S. Johnson



Proposal for establishment of regular neighborhood litter pickups

Meeting Objectives

  1. To introduce myself and explain my litter pickup program idea.
  2. To gain neighborhood association endorsement. SWNI can get Metro disposal funds if there is neighborhood association endorsement.
  3. To get your input and suggestions for potential volunteers, cleanup areas, dumpster locations, funding, etc.

Project Description

  1. What - Monthly neighborhood litter pickups
  2. Why –I have become increasingly disgusted with the amount of debris littering our beautiful neighborhoods. Last year I recruited a couple of friends to join me on monthly litter pickups. I used my van and hauled the trash to the dump myself. I would like to expand this effort to recruit more people, cover more areas and employ professional waste management services.
  3. Where - Neighborhood streets and roads such as Beaverton-Hillsdale HWY from Hillsdale to Freds, Humphrey from Patton to the Freeway, Hamilton, Fairmont, Scholls Ferry (this one will be tough but it is SO littered…), 45th, Bertha and ??.
  4. When
    1. During the week, to target people who don’t work, are working part-time, or have flexible working schedules.
    2. Would like to establish a regular day and time each month (i.e. first Friday of the month, 9:30-11:00) to enable volunteers to plan their schedules
    3. Would like to schedule the first pickup for April
  5. Who – I will coordinate the project. I have lived on Stonebrook Drive off of Dosch Rd. for over 20 years. My kids went to Bridlemile, West Sylvan and Lincoln.
  6. How
    1. I will coordinate the project and recruit the volunteers.
    2. SOLV will provide free bags
    3. A waste management company such as Heiberg Garbage and Recycling will supply a dumpster and pick it up when its full. Heiberg will give us a 20% discount.
    4. Establish a trial period of 3 months. At the end of the trial period, evaluate the frequency of pickups, size of the container, additional funding possibilities, etc.
  7. Volunteers – I will recruit volunteers from my circle of friends and acquaintances but may need some additional names from the associations. I will try for between 10 and 20 people. I would like a core group of people that will participate regularly.
  8. Sponsors
    1. The areas I would like to cover span neighborhood association boundaries so I would like to have sponsorship from the Bridlemile, Hillsdale and Hayhurst neighborhood associations.
    2. I am working with SOLV, as part of their Project Oregon. I have taken their Volunteer Action Training workshop and have contacts within the organization to assist me.
  9. Costs
    1. Hauling and disposal costs will be around $100 per month in addition to Metro’s disposal grants. Because of the requirements for the Metro grants, it will cost the same for a 4 yard container as it will for a 10 yard container. If we use a 10 yard container we can expand our effort.
    2. I will cover the costs for the trial period. During this time, I will try to get funding from SOLV, members of the business community, neighborhood associations or ?
  10. Issues not yet worked out
    1. Are there liability issues to work out, especially if we will be along roads? Does the neighborhood association have liability insurance?
    2. How can we coordinate between the neighborhood associations?