January, 2004
Makers of the SW Walking Map

Keturah Pennington       Phil Pennington                                  Don Baack           Linda Ginenthal

The Knowledge for Use Project


Currently looking for ways to grease the gears of community affairs.  Neighborhood Emergency Team.  Block captain, neighborhood crime watch, and participant in Portland Block Captain Steering Committee.  Helping out those neighbors who need a little assistance.  Organizing neighborhood events.   Fill-in for executive positions in Neighborhood Association and SW Neighborhoods coalition.

Speaker with Portland's Y2K Project speakers bureau ("Success through luck & hard work").  Fire station (21) siting committee.   Volunteer guide for Tryon State Park and Hoyt Arboretum, and, formerly, Children's Museum.  Worked on SW Walking Map (above picture), and on current video productions

Birthday Party,       August 2000 - Photos by Bud Clark

Keturah ^           Phil ^  for Margorie Burns^
     Don Wilner

Background: Degrees from Iowa State University and U. of Calif. Berkeley (MS).  Major: Botany (plant taxonomy).  Director of Latch Key Day Care Centers (YMCA).


Currently trying to find ways to improve understanding of the science that has made such a difference in human cultures and could make a big difference in personal lives...if only it were understood.

Also trying to find ways to stay in good health as the seventh decade of life ends and the eighth begins...some time in the first year of the new millennium (that's a puzzle:...born in??).
Making accurate maps of streets and trails of the west side of Portland.  Furnishing walkers, runners, Emergency Teams, planning committees, etc with accurate maps of streets, trails and stairs.  Assembling maps and descriptions of walking/running routes in Southwest Portland for placing on Web sites.  Leading walks over the more impressive walking routes of Portland.

Making video tapes for several organizations for recruiting, instruction, record keeping of lectures, and for public service annoucements.  Qualified video producer at Portland Community Media.  Working toward better use of the Internet by community organizations.

Seeking ways to encourage walking, running, and biking in the city for health, for keeping an eye on the neighborhoods, for meeting  the neighbors, for learning the where and what of the neighborhoods, for encouraging community in the neighborhoods, for promoting wellness, and for the fun of it.

Enthusiastic distance runner and weight lifter...but noticeably slowing down, especially in the running 

... As of December, 2005, under diagnosis of interstitial pulmonary fibrosis, an invariably fatal disease of unknown origins and unknown cure.  Went on hospice care, January, 2006.  After a year on hospice and a long series of crises and recovery from crises was evicted (supposed to be 6 months max.).  Currently: lung function has improved but heart is wildly and dangerously arrhythmic (cor pulmonale).

Most Web work and video production was suspended in April, 2006 and much Website control turned over to others..  Keturah expects to continue some of the work at some later date.

April 2007

 Background:  Several degrees from Colo. Sch. of Mines and U. of Calif. Berkeley (PhD).  Major: Metallurgy and Materials Science.  Minors: Physics and Mathematics.  Semiconductor research, Hughes (Aircraft Co.) Semiconductors.  Teaching physics (and systems science), Portland State University.  Design of curriculum and evaluation materials for several educational agencies.  Author and photographer of Sierra Club film, "Glen Canyon." Design of numerous techniques for stereoscopic imaging (including, in 1972, the random-dot construction of images "hidden" in repetition-stripes and revealed by stereopsis).

Research topics (and patents): dislocation imaging; nomographs for controlled dopant distribution in semiconductor crystals; ultraprecision orientation (crystal) in semiconductor single crystals; precision optical orientation of silicon; crystal-structure-determined etching of silicon structures; semiconductor lenses for infrared imaging; plastic and elastic strain in lithium fluoride; nuclear quadrapole resonance studies of ionic crystals under anisotropic strain; faceting and growth kinetics, with and without dislocation-assistance, in gallium (a first in growth kinetics); evaluation of textbooks and teacher-written objectives in K-12 physical science (leading to published sets of objectives).

January, 2004