Da  Vinci Days
Kinetic Sculpture Race


Monarch Butterfly = "MONAFLY" (from Mona Lisa)

Megasauras = "MEGA SORE ASS"
Kinetic Sculptures must

Run several races:

Several miles through the city streets of Corvallis.
Through a deep sand trap.
Through a mucky, mud bog.
Float the Willamette River and take out up a gravel ramp.

Compete in an artists judging.

It's a memorable event

All sculptures are equiped with flotation of some sort.  They are sometimes paddled, sometimes driven by ship's screws.  One, this year, had a large slow-speed aircraft propeller (and it was outfitted with outriggers).  Many had extra-wide wheels to  challenge the mud and sand.  Some had galleys of people powering drive shafts.  Some had a single pedaler pumping away on bicycle pedals.   

More kinetic sculptures


Other sculptures entered the festivities, too
The year 2001 theme was "Bridges."

Life is a treasure hunt for the Platinum Plover Egg!
This bridge is a "Squirrel Crossing only
...limit one squirrel"
This bridge is a lizard and is "meant to be walked on."
Sidewalk chalk art