General Meeting
June, 2003

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
June,  2003

June 4, 2003

Don Baack called the meeting to order at 7:02.

A. Duane Hunting made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by Brigid Flanigan and all approved.

B. Don pointed out two corrections to the minutes of the May 7 meeting- 1) on the first page, replace “ONI” with “State of Oregon Corporate Division”; 2) in the middle of the second page, SW Trails, not Don Baack has submitted a grant proposal to BES for money to develop Stevens Creek Park.

C. Election of Secretary and Treasurer.  Susan Jewell made a motion to elect Keturah Pennington as Treasurer and Brigid Flanigan as Secretary.  Duane seconded the motion. All approved.

D. Proposal to rename Wilson pool to Hillsdale Community Pool. Item was discussed with suggestion of School Board member Marc Abrams that the name should be Hillsdale Community Pool at Wilson High School. Susan Jewell made a motion to recommend the name of “Hillsdale Community Pool at Wilson High School”.  BF seconded.  All approved.

E. Presentation from Greg Haertig regarding vacation of eastern half of SW 19th Street adjacent to the two properties that Mr. Haertig has recently purchased. SW 19th Street is a 60-foot ROW and the request is to vacate app. 30 feet so there would still be a 30 ft. ROW.  Mr. Haertig stated that the vacation of east ½ of SW 19th street would have no impact on walking paths or connectivity.   Mr. Haertig suggested that he might be willing to provide an easement for public pedestrian access across SW 19th on the north end to enhance connectivity.  The effect of a recorded easement would be to connect Council Crest Drive and SW 19th Avenue.

Don stated that there was a larger development proposal that would be reviewed by the HNA in the near future adjacent to this property and that no decision on Mr. Haertig’s property (regarding whether to support his vacation request) should occur without a review of the adjacent proposal.  All concurred and agreed that the matter would be reviewed again at a later date.

F. Presentation by Matt Spage of ALPHA Engineering re a proposed Land Division at Nevada Court and 23rd.  Near the RAZ Pasture.  Proposal is to create a 5-lot subdivision on .83 acres, including relocation of existing house onto one of the lots. The developer just completed the pre-application with the City.  Major issue/concern with this proposal is that both SW 23rd and SW Nevada are unimproved, substandard streets.  The developer has proposed, and the City staff agreed, that these two substandard streets could be improved with a gravel roadway, which would still leave them in a substandard condition.  Developer pointed out that an on-site storm water treatment and disposal system would be installed to address impervious surfaces.

Motion was made by Don Baack to address a letter to BES, with a copy to PDOT and Planning Bureau that identified the following questions raised by this case:

1. What are the criteria that allow the City to deviate from its accepted standards re street improvements to install impervious surfaces? BES has provided no documentation as to why the developer should be allowed to not comply with standards approved by City Council.
2. What are the specific requirements re gravel roads?
3. What are the policy implications for other projects?

Brigid F. seconded the motion to draft the letter including these points.  All approved.

G. Virgina from Multnomah County Libraries provided any update on construction of Hillsdale Library. Hoffman Construction will be the new contractor.

H. Don Baack provided update on SW trails/pedestrian crossings across SW Barbur.

Meeting adjoined at 9:05.

Brigid Flannagan, secretary 

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