General Meeting
June, 2002

Minutes of the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association Meeting
June,  2002

June 5, 2002

The meeting was called to order at 7:38 by vice-president Keturah Pennington.  Due to the small attendance, the chairs were brought to a circle and an informal discussion was had.

Keturah reported that due to his extraordinary ability the military was having a hard time replacing Wes Risher and we would have to get along without him for at least another 30 days.

Mike Roach reported that the first Sunday Hillsdale Market was a resounding success.  Not only did the vendors ring up excellent sales (some booths had sold out before noon and will be bring much more the next Sunday), but several of the Hillsdale merchants reported greatly increased sales, and one had a record day. In light of this it is remarkable that a threat to continuing the Market in this successful form has arisen without warning.  Kingery plans to start work on June 10 on a dividing strip that will separate the east and west portions of the parking lot.  The proposed strip would be in the space occupied by several of the booths on the opening day.  A meeting with persons in a decision-making position was requested by the Farmers Market committee, but only persons in charge of the proposed renovations came to the meeting.

The Farmers Market committee and the Hillsdale Business and Professional Association have written letters to Kingery outlining the benefits to the community and to the merchants of maintaining the Farmers Market, and requesting a meeting to discuss some sort of compromise.  If the renovation work starts as proposed, it is expected that the community will hold a public demonstration on the site on June 10.  Hillsdale Neighborhood Association voted to send a letter supporting the continuation of the Farmers Market in the space it occupied on its successful first day, at least for this season.

Victor von Salza from the Dog Off-Leash Area Committee briefed us on the committee's work in selecting possible sites to recommend to the Parks Bureau for additional off-leash areas for Southwest Portland.  The committee initially considered 13 sites, drew up a list of criteria for consideration, inspected each site twice, and has reduced the number of sites under consideration to 4.  Conflicts with other users, and handling of animal waste were a first consideration in assessing a site.  Other criteria included size, ADA accessibility, surface, slope, parking, and water.

It was pointed out by users of the Gabriel Park facility that people come from all over the metropolitan area, including Vancouver, to use Gabriel Park.  A single site is unlikely to be able to accommodate the growing use.  A lively discussion of problems and possible solutions generated some creative ideas, including "deputizing" responsible regular users, issuing them buttons or badges, and giving them the authority to remind other users of the rules, pass out plastic bags, etc.  There was general agreement enforcing the Park rules was a major problem that would best be addressed by education, including possible intermittent enforcement with fines (perhaps an afternoon of "scooping").

Victor reminded us that the Off-Leash Committee will be holding an open house in July.  Watch for the date.  Or give your input and suggestions to Keturah, who is now on the committee.

Evelyn Nast, PhD, has applied for permission to conduct an accessory home occupation, a clinical psychology business, from 5833 SW.Terwilliger Blvd.  The Neighborhood has asked one of the near neighbors to consult other nearby neighbors before we take a position, but the consensus was that we should support the application provided that Ms. Nast provides off-street parking for her clients.

In view of the 4th-of-July holiday, it was decided that the Hillsdale Neighborhood Association meeting on July 3 should be canceled.  We will meet as usual on the 1st Wednesday in August.

The slate of officers and board members was approved by acclamation: Wes Risher, President, Don Baack, vice-president, Keturah Pennington, secretary, Eamon Molloy, treasurer, and board members Glenn Bridger, Jayne Cronlund, and Richard Garfinkle.

Meeting was adjourned at 9:20.
Keturah Pennington, secretary

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